Paul’s been wanting to see Inside Out since he first heard about it. Aside from Jurassic World, it was the movie he talked the most about being excited to see. And Terra wanted to see it, too. And his sister Emily. So we figured we’d plan a group trip to go see it.

And then Terra saw it without us while she was on vacation in Disney, reuniting with Scott. And I was bummed not to get to see it for her, but I absolutely cannot and will not fault her or be upset with her for choosing to go to a movie with her husband, who she only gets to see every few months. Frankly, she can do whatever the fuck she wants with him. But she told me it was a gem and that I’d probably cry, which at this point is fair with me and Pixar movies–at least as an adult, I haven’t made it out of one without crying yet. The first time, I cried on I believe four separate occasions during Up. And then I saw Brave with Brandon and Kelly, and he saw me crying when the lights came up and yelled, “Are you crying?!” I was doomed.

But first things first–I have to finally get my picture taken for my license, and by some miracle, I was out of the DMV is about 15 minutes, thanks to getting there pretty much when they opened. And by some other miracle, my timing was perfect. The Whiskey Rebellion Festival’s parade was set for 10:30 that morning, and I live at the start of the parade route. They actually use my street and the Methodist church’s parking lot to line up, so as I returned with my fresh new license in which I look like Brandon, I found that my street was closed. I assumed it was closed from both ends, but I went around to check. I was right. I couldn’t get into my parking lot. Had an official been down at that end, I’m sure they would’ve let me in if I asked, but instead, I just parked at the high school, across the street.

Which ended up working out excellently because it meant we could actually leave. I’d suggested we leave early to get Emily in case their mom was feeling particularly chatty, but with the parade set from 10:30 to 11:30 and prior experience hitting parade traffic in Washington at least three times before, we decided to leave a good hour earlier than planned to avoid all the hassle, plus we took an alternate route out because of course, our usual one is also on the parade route. Living within walking distance of Main Street is occasionally a hassle.

Paul had wanted to take Emily to Nguyen’s, our one-time favorite Vietnamese place. And I say “one-time” only because we live an hour away now, so we never go anymore. Now, Paul’s other siblings aren’t the most adventurous eaters–there’s no way we could’ve gone with Josh or Jonathan, so I thought the alone time with Emily would be a good opportunity to take her. She’s very much up for anything. I feel like we could surprise her with just about any restaurant, and she’d be not only willing to try it but excited at the prospect. She’s now a fan of sushi and takes after her big brother with an appreciation for jasmine tea and ginger.

The movie was good–in typical Pixar fashion, it was cute, funny, and clever. As was its short, Lava, which might be the cutest Pixar short I’ve ever seen and wins for fastest Pixar tearjerker. But Up is still my favorite, as is its short, Partly Cloudy. And yes, I cried in Partly Cloudy, too. It’s embarrassing how quickly and easily I cry in movies.

We had a little bit of time to kill before we took Emily to her new job at McDonald’s, so we looked around the mall and I got myself some new shirts and jeans that I mostly don’t need, but hey, treat yoself.

After we took her to work, we stopped by my parents’ place and picked some blossoming raspberries and tossed a bedspread in their laundry because it’s free.

Then it was off to Connellsville for St. Rita’s street fair, so we got to hang out a bit with Leah–when she wasn’t actually working the fair–and Sarah and her family. We grabbed dinner there, because how can you not at an Italian church festival? Plus we had ice cream and their famous fried dough, which Paul waited forever for in line. He lucked out when they asked if anyone only wanted two pieces and he took them, since apparently, everyone else orders like eight.

And then it was home.

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