Last weekend was packed full of stuff, but kind of mundane stuff. I got my hair cut. I went shopping and to lunch with my mom and somehow spent the entire day away from home, entirely not intending to. Paul and I made it out for a walk in the park for the first time this summer, thanks to rotation and rain, which is kind of ridiculous. The walk was cut short when he got a random nosebleed. It happens sometimes, although summer is rare.

This weekend started mundane with laundry and grocery shopping, plus a quick trip to Kohl’s which produced new clothes for Paul and new shoes for both of us, but got packed pretty quick.

Brandon and I went to see J.D. McPherson, who’s damn amazing. I remember when Brandon first told me about him–he happened to catch him performing on Conan, just because he happened not to change the channel for the musical guest like he normally does. And he said, “You have to listen to this guy,” and I did. And I really liked it. He’s got an old rock sound, something like what Elvis and Buddy Holly were doing but with a little more grit. Brandon and I have been fans since, and last summer or so, we found out we’d missed a Pittsburgh show. Then in the spring, while Brandon was still in boot camp, they announced another Pittsburgh date. I could only communicate with Brandon through letters and I did not have the time to check and see if he’d be available the night of the concert, so I took a chance and bought two tickets after Paul agreed to go with me in case Brandon couldn’t. I figured if Brandon’s girlfriend ended up wanting to go, I’d just pick up a third ticket later, since the show was general admission. Turns out Kelly doesn’t love McPherson like Brandon and I love him.

And it worked out that Brandon could go–a Saturday night and not an Army drill weekend, so we met at Mr. Smalls and danced all night. I’d gush, but I already did over at AXS. But I will say this–I never expected that show to be as intense as it was, and McPherson’s absolutely worth checking out. It was one of those shows where now that it’s over, listening to the recorded versions of his songs is kind of underwhelming.

Because I was off at a show, I got out of a trip to Paul’s parents’ house, yet we got in around the same time. His birthday is today, so it was a bit of a birthday visit for presents, dinner, and cake. As usual, we got invited the morning of, plus we got an invite to some random get-together at his grandparents’ house the next day. But, as usual, we already had plans with my family to make our annual trip to the zoo. My mom suggested an altered plan that would allow us to do both, but frankly, I didn’t want to drive the 45-60 minutes into the city, then drive an hour to their place, then drive an hour back home. Nope. Besides, if they want us to come to these things, they’re gonna have to learn to invite us more than a day in advance when I have a family and we both have friends, too. If we constantly rearrange our schedules to accommodate them, they’re gonna expect it.

Besides, the zoo was way more fun. The past few years, I’ve tried to vow not to take many pictures because I have years of zoo pictures and don’t really need more, but every year, the animals start doing cool things. I mean, the otters were lying in the water side by side and the polar bear was playing and swimming. How can I not capture that?!

I’m hoping for a calmer week but an equally busy weekend. If the weather keeps holding out, I’d like to try to get back up to the mountains and maybe make a pit stop over at my parents’ to do laundry for free.

Plus the Fayette County Fair kicks off Thursday night. God help us all.


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