I’m at an impressive level of sleepy today. One of the downsides to Paul living with me now is that sometimes, he gets very chatty at night, like we’re teenage girls at a sleepover, and I have to tell him we both get up at 5:30 to work at 7 and we can’t be staying up talking about random things all night, at least not during the week. On top of that, a thunderstorm woke me up two nights ago and I woke up at random last night around 3 in the morning and had trouble getting back to sleep. And last week, I woke up every morning between about 4 and 4:30. I fell right back asleep every time, but consistently waking up an hour before your alarm can’t do much for getting actual rest.

Meanwhile, things have picked up on the job-hunting front. And while I’m grateful for the interest and opportunities, driving to West Virginia once a week for the past three weeks for assessments and interviews was tiring and cut into some leisure time. I haven’t read in ages because I’ve lost two to three hours to traveling and such, not to mention we’re on I believe week four or five of mandatory overtime. I lost count.

I also finally made it to the eye doctor for a long overdue eye exam. I got a slightly stronger prescription, a different kind of contacts, and I have new glasses on the way from the interwebs on the cheap.

I decided I’m probably gonna start taking Tai Chi with Paul once I get the job thing figured out, but he doesn’t know that yet. I told him maybe when I’m really looking at a “most likely” at this point. But in the meantime, we’re sticking to walking and hiking, and we made it to the mountains Saturday.

It’s almost like we’ve made it an unofficial project to explore all the trails and things we can. We found a trail that goes from the bike trail to Cucumber Falls, which has the added bonus of meaning we can park at one location and walk to the other, and that’s really useful when Ohiopyle gets as crowded as it does this time of year. Normally, we’d get up there before 10 in the morning, but with Tai Chi now starting at 9:30, that’s not possible unless Paul skips. And neither of us wants him to do that.

Between the trail and following Paul all over all kinds of rocks down at the falls, I was pretty worn out. The original plan was to go to the mountains then to see The Clarks play at the fair, but I didn’t have it in me to walk the fair. So we went to dinner instead at a new-ish place along the main road, where we coincidentally ran into Brandon, Kelly, and her mom.

Then we briefly hung out at my parents’ place before getting our groceries on the cheap at Pechins, and I trekked in the next do to go to the fair and the annual Hubcaps concert with my mom, which was a good time as always.

This weekend is going to be busy, depending on timing–it’s off to Ohio with Duke tomorrow. We come back Friday, and if we make it in time, I want to head to Steel City Con for a screening of Pittsburgh Dad’s “Bigfoot: The Movie.” If not, then it’s most likely gonna be the fair again Saturday, this time with a demolition derby, and the convention Sunday, just sadly sans Bigfoot film–it’s only screening Friday night.


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