Friday Five: You Say It’s Your Birthday

  1. Happy 75th birthday to actor/comedian/musician Steve Martin! He played a sadistic dentist in Little Shop of Horrors (1986). What’s your relationship with your dentist like? Hoo boy. Okay, so, I haven’t actually been to the dentist since some point in college, and I’ve been out of college for four years now. And it’s because I hate dentists. Hate. I was actually talking to Terra last night about the possibility of going to one of the ones that sedate you the whole time, but until I muster the courage, I’m gonna pretend taking Pinterest dental advice couldn’t possibly backfire.
  2. Happy 65th birthday to comic strip artist Gary Larson, creator of The Far Side! One classic The Far Side strip illustrates literally the Platonic allegory of the Ship of Fools, followed by an illustration of his own concept of the Car of Idiots. When have you been a passenger in a car of idiots? Probably any time I’ve been with my family. Although I’m mostly referring to my dad there. Or Paul’s family, but again, mostly his mom. Unless you consider how hardcore conservative everyone but he and Emily are.
  3. Happy 55th birthday to basketball player Ervin “Magic” Johnson, who spent his whole career as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers! What are your memories or impressions of Los Angeles? I’ve never been there, although I’d like to visit–but the interesting thing is I think I’d hate it. Now, granted, I might end up being totally wrong, but it has a reputation for being a sort of materialistic, petty, almost narcissistic place, what with its ties to Hollywood and all, and I think it’s got a whole vibe and culture that would just be the polar opposite to my personality and I’d hate it.
  4. Happy 50th birthday to actress Halle Berry, who plays Storm (a woman who can control the weather) in the X-Men movies! What’s the weather like right now, and if you could adjust one aspect of it for the weekend, what would it be? After like a solid month of rain, we’re back to a nice hot but not unbearable summer with lots of sunshine lately, so I’m actually pretty pleased. As for the weekend, I’d like it to stay sunny and be warm but not too hot, since I’m planning on heading up to Ohiopyle to hike.
  5. Happy 32nd birthday to actress Mila Kunis! Which of these Mila films have you seen?
    Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
    Extract (2009)
    The Book of Eli (2010)
    Date Night (2010)
    Black Swan (2010)
    Friends with Benefits (2011)
    Ted (2012)
    Oz the Great and Powerful (2013)
    Annie (2014)
    Jupiter Ascending (2015) 

I’ve only seen Black Swan and Ted, although I’d like to see most of the others–even Jupiter Ascending, despite being allegedly really terrible. I liked Black Swan and could go for another viewing, actually. Ted was okay. At times really funny, at times really not, but such is Seth McFarlane. My mom thought it was hilarious, though, so we got her a talking Ted keychain that Christmas.


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