We ventured out for Paul’s grandfather’s birthday on Saturday evening, for a little get-together his aunt had. Who only lives about a half hour away, which was nice–better than the usual hour-long trek we have to make for most other events. Plus this is the side of the family that’s, uh, easier to get along with, let’s say.

The first time I was there, Paul and his siblings complained the entire drive over, and the family was so nice and so cool that when we left, I actually asked Paul what everyone’s problem was. And his only answer was that his mom complained about them so much that he thought if rubbed off on the rest of them.

And for the most part, this was a good visit, too–good food and good company, especially when Emily hangs around us. I even told Paul that if you’d told me years ago that at 26, I’d be having good, long conversations with a 17-year-old, I wouldn’t have believed you.

His mom gave a slight passive-aggressive comment with, “We have to come all the way out here to see you.” Because, you know, driving an hour to see us at another family function we actually knew about in advance is completely unreasonable, but expecting us to drive that same distance every weekend to do nothing but sit around their house is fine.

And of course, that’s what we did Sunday–kind of. We decided to use our free day to go up into the mountains. The intention was to stop at my parents’ to hang out and do some laundry, drop off recycling, grab food at Fiesta Azteca, stop in at his parents’ for a bit, then go home, but that didn’t work out. I forgot the laundry I wanted to do and the recycling, so we scrapped the visit with my parents. I already see them fairly often anyway, and I was just out there for the county fair. I tried to weasel my way out of having to go to his parents’, though, arguing that it was basically a pointless visit and that neither of us really wanted to go, but Paul rightfully saw it as a good opportunity to make a good impression and tide his mother over, basically, by stopping in for a little bit while we were in town before they went to some Boy Scout event.

Ryun and Katie came out here for dinner last night. Ryun keeps trying to hang out with us but we’re busy a lot, so he decided to come to us. Somehow, the drive ended up taking him double what it should have and they didn’t get here until about the time Paul was supposed to go to Tai Chi, so as much as he hated to, he skipped it. Instead, Paul treated us all to dinner at Mr. Gyro’s and we hung out and basically just talked for a couple hours. Katie and I are fun together–since we’re dating brothers, we often end up complaining to each other about the same things.

Plus she brought us fresh eggs from her family’s farm! I’m so excited. That appeals to me on so many levels. I mean, instead of relying on her to give me good information on farming practices, she can just give me the damn eggs!


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