Friday Five: Cure for What Ails Ya

I love these Cure-themed questions too much!

  1. What’s the greatest lovesong of all time? For once in my life, I actually have this narrowed down to two–Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and Frankie Valli’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” If I had to pick a song for a first dance for a wedding right this second, it would be one of those two. And I’d agonize over which one. Actually, Frankie might slightly edge out Elvis on this one.
  2. What’s in the background of the most recent two pictures of you? Trees and rocks! Paul and I went up to camp with Terra over the weekend, and she snapped pictures of us climbing rocks together. And now all my Facebook friends know how my ass looks in yoga pants.
  3. What was the primary cause of your most recent mishap? Ha ha. Okay, so, the aforementioned yoga pants don’t have pockets. Before our rock-climbing excursion, I went in the trailer for a hot minute to use some bug spray, and so as to have free hands and go quick, I tucked my phone into the waistband of my pants–which I’ve done plenty of times before, including on hikes at Ohiopyle. I sprayed the bug spray on my arms and rubbed it in while I walked. I could feel the phone wiggling loose while I walked and I knew it was going to fall, and my hands were still covered in bug spray so I didn’t want to try to catch it. It fell on the porch. Okay, fine. But then it bounced right off the edge and landed facedown on the one rock around the trailer, so now I’ve basically got a mangled phone screen. It’s usable and I did stop by Verizon to take advantage of the upgrade I have, but they didn’t have any iPhones in stock and actually suggested I try and wait a few weeks for when they think a new phone announcement will come. Since I don’t give a shit about having the latest iPhone, my plan–should I wait, because I’m thinking of trying a different Verizon store next week or something–I could get the iPhone 6 cheaper. Honestly, though, I’m still rocking a 4S and I’d be totally down to just take the next logical step up to a 5.
  4. Why can’t I be you? Because only I am me, and you should be happy being you!
  5. What did you do on the 13th? Well, it was a Thursday, so I went to work. And then I went to McKeesport with Paul to meet up with Terra and her other BFF, Gemma, for the annual international food festival!

As always, from Friday 5.


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