This was one of those rare but nice weekends where we had no real plans. Frankly, we’ve kind of needed a few days in–or mostly in–to just hang out and get shit done. Part of my frustration with our mandatory overtime is that it cuts into time to myself (or with Paul) in the evenings. I’ve read more in the past two days then I have in the past two weeks, likely with more to come tonight.

This is also why I can never bring myself to volunteer to work on a holiday. I love my days off, especially now as I get more and more annoyed and bored and I’m in the middle of looking for something new. Any day that I don’t have to be at work is a good day.

So today and Saturday, we ran errands and went for a walk. I also let Paul teach me some tai chi in the park.

Yesterday, we went out to the Renaissance festival. I kind of wanted to avoid it over Labor Day weekend because I figured it would be really busy, but I found a Groupon deal that was like 40% off admission and I didn’t want to pass it up. I didn’t have a good reason to, either, what with not having any other plans and all. We did invite Sarah, but I never heard back from her.

In some ways, Renfest is like Steel City Con–you pay money to get into a place just to spend more money. But I still have fun every time. We ate, we drank (a surprising amount, in fact), we saw a parade, and I bought fun stuff like candles and soaps, two things that Paul constantly tells me I don’t need more of. I can’t say he’s wrong.

Next weekend, it’s back to scheduled plans with a Kennywood trip with Terra and I believe her brother’s family, then a David Duchovny concert the next day. Followed by a three-day week for me–I’m taking off after David Duchovny off, and I already had that Friday off as it’s the day after I’m seeing Echo & the Bunnymen with my mom.


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