Friday Five: Microeconomics

  1. What’s something you have in great supply this weekend? Plans. Kennywood tomorrow, presumably all day, followed by David Duchovny in concert Sunday night. Then the day off Monday, although I have no plans for that days.
  2. What demands do you have of the next few days? Fun, slightly productive, some time to myself amidst the fun.
  3. What kind of inflation do you welcome after the week you’ve had? My week has been okay, but does a new job count? Like, I’d like a career inflation.
  4. What’s something you’ve recently taken an interest in? Tai chi, sort of. I’m not so sure how much I’d actually enjoy a class in it, but for now, with Paul just teaching me some basic exercises, it’s good. And it feels good to do, like yoga.
  5. Read any good books lately? I have a little Goodreads widget over yonder (or at the bottom of the page, if you’re just at the main page) that’s the best resource for what I’m reading, but I recently finished Jane Eyre and really, really liked it. I’d somehow never come across it in my years of English classes. I’m also enjoying my reread of Watchmen, and Paul has me reading Jurassic Park, which is pretty interesting, although I haven’t gotten very far. I’m probably most intrigued by Stephen King’s Bag of Bones, though. Like, as long as the plot and quality hold out for the entire book, it might become my new favorite of his. And finally, we have the final 50 Shades book, the godawful bane of my existence because I can’t just give up on it like a sane person.

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