I never thought I’d have so much fun at Kennywood with someone else’s baby.

A few weeks ago–up at camp, I think, actually–Terra invited Paul and I to tag along for a Kennywood trip with her and her brother’s family, so of course we did it. Aside from a day to do something fun, I was glad to have the opportunity since I haven’t been to the park in maybe two years and didn’t think I’d actually make it this year.

I was a little concerned about the weather–despite hot, sunny days up to this point and in the forecast for the near future, the weekend weather was terrible, at least by comparison. Instead of sunny days in the 80s and 90s, we got clouds and rain with temperatures in the 60s. Which, as it turns out, is kind of perfect amusement-park weather because no one else bothers to go.

The only bad thing about it was that it was too cold to ride the water rides, which are some of my favorites, and one of the bigger rollercoasters was closed. I’m not sure if that was related to the weather or not, since it wasn’t storming or anything. But otherwise, it meant a relatively empty park with pretty short lines–any other time you go, the rides have signs posted indicating their wait times, and for the more popular rollercoasters, this is usually an hour or longer. You end up spending most of your day standing in lines, really, but that wasn’t an issue here.

We started the day getting some food and hanging around Kiddieland with Terra’s sister-in-law, Tina, and her parents and little baby Betty Jo, which was fine–watching Betty on the rides was kind of fun. But Terra and Tina’s mom kind of infamously don’t get along. She sounds very similar to Paul’s mom, really. Her hatred for Terra mostly started because when Betty was born and they all went into Tina’s hospital room, Tina handed her off to whoever was closest. And that was Terra, making her the first person in the extended family to hold the baby, which is apparently a huge no-no for Moo Moo, as they call her. And it’s just gotten worse from there. She also hates her mother, mostly because she’s jealous of the relationship she and Terra have. When Tina told her Terra was coming, she said she didn’t know who she was, and there’s been many a time where she makes it a point to quite obviously ignore her. She seemed nice enough for the hot minute we were with them but I’ve heard enough–including from Tina, the couple times I’ve been around her–that I know better.

So Paul, Terra, and I split and rode the big-kid rides for a few hours. And because of that awesome no-lines thing, we tackled basically everything we wanted to ride pretty quickly. The only ones we skipped were one rollercoaster where every rider must have a partner and one where Terra and I both sort of lift up out of our seats and don’t feel comfortable enough to ride alone or with each other, and obviously Paul could only go with one of us.

It did start to rain a bit, and we caught back up with Tina, who by then was joined by Terra’s brother, Dom, plus Tina’s oldest son while the youngest was running around the park with his friends–we were there for his birthday, after all, and watching teenagers cheer over getting money in a birthday card is hilarious. We pretty much stuck with them for the rest of the evening. We stuck to a pavilion to have cake, while Moo Moo and her husband left due to the rain to the disappointment of no one. The adults tackled a few more rides before taking Betty through Kiddieland again, which was still hilarious–she has these huge brown eyes and amazing facial expressions, so it was fun to watch her sort of try to figure out what to make of some of these rides. Overall, though, she seemed to have fun.

She loves walking on her own, so we mostly let her do it. But she got into some shenanigans when we stopped in the park’s Johnny Rocket, when she decided to pull out sugar packets and thrust her hand into glasses of water to fetch the lemons from them. She made a bit of a mess. Plus the menu was disappointingly limited, and they probably hated us since it was so close to closing.

We were there probably until around 7 or 8–everyone was ready to keep on truckin’, but there was still a drizzle going and Terra and I were started to get too cold to really enjoy anything anymore, so with that, we headed out.


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