Friday Five: Procrastination

  1. What haven’t you framed yet? A signed art print of Neil Gaiman’s poem “The Day the Saucers Came.” It’s my favorite of his, and the print is still in its tube up in the closet, waiting to be framed and hung.
  2. What haven’t you thrown out yet? My cupcake wrapper from breakfast, the plastic from the box of new iPhone, and various tissues around me–I called in sick today to let my body fight off this cold.
  3. What haven’t you repaired yet? I have a pile of some clothes that need minor sewing repairs.
  4. Whom haven’t you called or emailed yet? Hmm. I think I tackled all the important ones. After forgetting about it for months, last week, I finally got around to calling about the completely unnecessary identity protection that was costing me an extra $15 a month and canceled it.
  5. What haven’t you seen yet? Pretty much any movie that’s come out over the summer, even back as far as spring. I really want to go to the movies soon, but no way am I spending one of my free days inside a movie theaters as long as the weather holds out and is nice enough to go outside or up to the mountains.

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