Saturday in Gettysburg, I noticed my nose started running a lot. It was annoying the shit out of me, but I figured it had to do with the fact that we were basically in a field for three hours, not to mention being out and about in town. I figured a good night’s sleep and I’m be fine.

But I could tell by the funny feeling in my throat paired with some congestion when I woke up that I was wrong, so I loaded up on orange juice at breakfast.

The only thing on the agenda for Sunday was to get cupcakes, basically. My dad spotted a cupcake place he wanted to stop at, so we packed up, checked out, and took our separate cars there. Except I was thinking of the wrong cupcake store, apparently, and took us down the wrong street in the roundabout. But the cupcake place ended up being closed. Fortunately, my dad had a backup, which ended up being the one I had in mind in the first place. I still don’t know which one he was talking about, but we ended up in Johnny Como’s, which was adorable and delicious.

My parents all got coffee; I got some tea to try to ward off the cold I felt coming on. And we all got cupcakes. My parents went with a full dozen, but I opted for half because they were a little pricey–but worth it–and I didn’t think Paul and I could reasonably eat a dozen cupcakes before they got stale. Well, not without devouring them within a day or so, at least, which is a definite possibility but not so great when you’re trying to eat less junk.

I got two pumpkin pie, two strawberry shortcake, and then one each of Oreo and apple. And they were all delicious. The best part is easily their icing–it’s light and fluffy and full of flavor, as opposed to the intensely sweet icing you’ll find on store-bought cupcakes. I like being able to taste pumpkin pie, strawberry, Oreo, and apple in each of the respective cupcakes’ icing. In fact, when it comes to icings, I normally will scrape off most of it and only leave a little, but I could probably just eat a bowl on Johnny Como’s icing on its own. So if you’re in the area, go there, then bring me back something.

Unfortunately, the tea, although soothing, did not cure my cold. And because I drank so much, I had to have Paul stop at the Pennsylvania welcome center a mere half-hour from home because I had to pee so bad. And then we had a late lunch at Primanti’s, got some groceries, and crashed.

And then my cold came on full force. I probably should’ve called off that Monday, but I opted for Tuesday, which seemed to get rid of all of my ills, save some lingering but minor congestion and sniffling.


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