Well, I was two for two for being late for dinner last week.

Honestly don’t know how it happened that time. I mean, Paul and I working late was part of the problem, but we just should’ve made it there faster than we did. Plus getting even close to the city on a weeknight is a mess for us. There’s no possibility that doesn’t involve traffic.

But at least fun times were had. Terra’s husband, Scott, was in from the Navy on a surprise visit–he kind of just walked in the house one night and scared the shit out of her because she thought he was a murderer, which is exactly what I would’ve thought, too, if I heard someone in my house at night.

Side note: a lot of people who hear that story react with “LOL, good thing she doesn’t sleep with a gun!” and probably fail to realize how that’s kind of an accidental argument in favor of gun control, but whatever.

Scott was going out with his friends–who are a fun crowd–for wing night at Quaker Steak & Lube. Terra and I are vegetarians, so I compromised with shrimp and she ordered an appetizer and the waitstaff is probably like, “What kind of barbarian comes in on wing night and asks for a full menu?”

But it was fun, and it’s always nice to see Scott. True best friends, Terra and I sort of adopted each other’s significant others into our lives, and they did the same–Scott and I have called each other “bestest” since college when I bought him dinner on my flex while Terra was in class, and Terra and Paul have friendly Facebook chats and he fills in if I can’t take her to or pick her up from the airport.

We’ll miss them when she joins him when she’s done with her grad program.


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