Friday Five: Consumables

  1. What dehydrated foods (meant to be consumed that way) do you enjoy? Apple chips, particularly the ones I usually buy at the local farmers market.
  2. What’s your favorite dish made by stuffing one food with another? Stuffed peppers! I was eating them weekly for a while, then got out of the habit when farmers stands opened up for the summer and I rarely made it to one, despite my best intentions and efforts–they tend to close early, and overtime at work kept me from getting there on time. I’d also like to try stuffed cabbage, but I’m concerned about just how much cabbage there is in a head. Although I guess there’s always haluski to make with the leftovers…
  3. What’s your favorite dish made by rolling something up? Sushi! Especially cucumber rolls. It’s the simplest sushi ever. It’s seriously just cucumber and rice. But I love it so much.
  4. What’s a meal you frequently consume primarily because the cleanup is quick? Almost any boxed meal, especially pasta or frozen pierogies. Bam, boil and done.
  5. What’s a food that’s made much better because of what you sprinkle on it? This is a bad one for me because I enhance most of my foods with salt, and if that’s not fitting, ketchup or some other condiment. But how about the very literal answer of sprinkles on ice cream? I don’t give a shit if I’m 26 and still put rainbow sprinkles on everything.

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