Friday Five:

  1. What animal, not normally ridden by humans, seems like it would be really fun to ride? A giraffe. I mean, not sure it’s the best idea, but hey.
  2. What’s a food you’ve always wanted to try but still haven’t? Not necessarily a specific dish but rather a type of cuisine–Indian. What’s holding me back is the fact that I’m really sensitive to spicy foods, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle it.
  3. What’s stuck to your refrigerator door? Some magnets holding up mostly coupons for pizza and stuff. Most of the magnets are either ones that came in the mail from charities or save-the-dates.
  4. Assuming your needs for food and water were taken care of, how do you think you’d do if you had to live houseless for a year? Horrible, unless I was using my friends and family for help and as a place to stay. But if we’re talking solely living outside, it wouldn’t go well. I could handle things like going without makeup and the internet, but I couldn’t take not being able to shower at least somewhat regularly. Most of all, though, I couldn’t live out in the cold. It might be easier if I a lived in an area that stayed warmer throughout the year, but not here.
  5. What geographical location that’s not already a person’s name (that you know of) would make a pretty good first name for someone? I have no idea! I’m trying to think of a lot of the little coal-mining patches around here, but they would either make terrible names or already are names. Although there is a New Salem, and Salem might be a neat human name. I know it’s been used as a fictional cat name. I’m not sure I would actually name my own child Salem, though.

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