I almost said I had a pretty tame Halloween, but I don’t know that a trip to see Stage Right’s “Rocky Horror Show” can ever be considered tame. I mean, tamer than, like, binge drinking at a party, sure, but you’re still in a theater dressed very questionably and encouraged to yell and throw things.

My outfit was cute, by the way, and minus some accessories, I could actually wear it out in normal life. That’s pretty rare.

The show was good fun, as always. I got a nap in earlier in the evening since we were going at midnight, then we ate a little at Eat ‘N’ Park, then we were off.

Being back in Greensburg made us miss it. Paul doesn’t want to look for a new job out there because he’s never spent more than a year at a job and he’d like to change that and living there now when he’s working in Washington wouldn’t be ideal–it would be an hour-long commute, although it would be really easy. That said, I’ve decided to include Greensburg in my ongoing job hunt. I think we’re both hoping we’ll end up back there one day.

The show was good fun, as usual, and seemed to be full of virgins, which almost made it more fun. Knowing the callbacks means you can use them, but it also means they’re not that funny anymore, most likely. So it was actually pretty great to hear a popular callback yelled followed by lots of genuine laughter from people who had obviously never heard it before. And, of course, the creativity of people in the new ones is always great, too. The theater company has one of their ensemble sit and yell things, I think in part to encourage people to yell and to get some new material out there, and it’s generally one of the best.

My one complaint is that the political jokes are getting a little…tired.

I can’t remember exactly when it started, but it was almost definitely when I was still in college. It started with the narrator coming out at the end dressed in some sort of drag, like he always does–this year, it was actually as Donald Trump in a tutu, which was actually pretty funny–and mooned the crowed, showing off an anti-Obama bumper sticker on his underwear, or maybe he’d just written “Obama sucks” across a pair of white boxers. As he began to incorporate an iPad from which he reads his lines, it turned into showing various anti-Obama slogans and memes during “There’s a Light (Over at the Frankenstein Place).” This year, that expanded to include not just Obama but Hillary Clinton, too, plus support for Donald Trump and a joke about Caitlyn Jenner, which I thought was not only tasteless but a little bizarre, given the nature of the musical. It’s pretty weird to hear people laughing at a photoshopped box of Froot Loops that depicts a transgender person while everyone’s sitting in corsets, fishnets, and underwear watching a show about sexual liberation with a transvestite main character. It doesn’t make sense to me to cheer raucously for Frank-N-Furter when he tosses aside his cape and reveals his own fishnets and corset and to do the same at the end, where everyone participates in a floor show and Frank’s creation Rocky and visitor Brad are donning them, too, but to laugh at an actual human’s gender identity.

After years of this–I don’t think it’s spanned the full course of Obama’s tenure, but it’s been at least half, probably more–it’s starting to feel less like a joke and more like the actor playing the narrator trying to push his own political agenda into a place where it not only doesn’t belong, but also doesn’t make sense. I’m not saying one has to be a liberal to enjoy “Rocky Horror.” My dad’s a hardcore conservative and loves it, as do some of my devout Catholic friends, but the messages run so contrary to the themes of the show.

I will admit that I did appreciate when the iPad flash “Kirk/Spock 2016,” and I still think it’s funny although admittedly almost outdated when Riff Raff says Frank-N-Furter isn’t married and probably never will be and people yell, “Fuckin’ Republicans.” And for some balance, one of the other callbacks was when Frank says he splitting a brain between two people, someone yelled, “Should’ve given some to Donald Trump.”

They’ve bene trying to do a theme the last few years, maybe to try to keep things interesting, and this year’s was “Star Wars”/”Star Trek,” which was super fun. It comes through mainly in the costumes–plus a few bars of cantina music–but it was fun. I was excited to see just what they’d do with it, and I wasn’t disappointed.

And of course I’ll be back next year.


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