Friday Five: Creativity

  1. When did you last attempt to create something outside your usual realms of creativity? My usual realm is writing, of course, and I’d say it’s been years since I did anything. I used to do a little crafting and I used to play guitar, and those are both things that kind of waned when full-time work–and balancing some freelance work–took over. But I’d like to get back into them again.
  2. Where do good ideas come from? Sometimes experience. Sometimes mere desire for expression. I get a lot of my memoir/creative nonfiction ideas from life, of course, and just what I have to say or how I feel about something. My rare fiction ideas, though, almost always come from my weird dreams, unless I’m playing with something like, “Huh, what if this happened?”
  3. Rainer Maria Rilke famously said, “If my devils are to leave me, I’m afraid my angels will take flight, as well.” What are your thoughts on the portrayal of artists as tortured souls? I dislike the stereotypes of writers as being very dark or depressed or something. I remember once in high school, a bunch of my classmates started cracking jokes about writers being depressed and suicidal, and I disagreed and spoke up even then. That said, I do think writers sometimes have a different way of looking at life, and we often also have a different way of processing it. People tend to use creative outlets of any time to work through something, not necessarily to express something happy or positive. One of the reasons I started blogging again after a couple years away from it was because I was frustrated about a lot of things and I really needed to get them out of my head, and I just happen to like doing that to an audience, however small it may be. I don’t know that I’d say my writing is at its best when I’m pissed off, but it’s certainly more interesting.
  4. What situations or environs put dampers on your creativity? Anything that’s really pulling me away in general. If my mind is occupied with something going on in my personal life now and I’m tweaking a memoir piece about the past, it can be hard to stick with it because I get distracted. Generally, if something is bothering me, I have to write about it pretty quickly, otherwise it eats away at me until I get to it. Other than that, I don’t think there’s a lot that throws me off–one of the things that’s impressed my boyfriend, Paul, since moving in with me is the way he can be sitting right next to me playing music or a video and I can be writing and so absorbed in what I’m doing that I truly don’t take in any of what I hear. He’s watched entire episodes of Sherlock and Dr. Who right next to me, and I couldn’t tell you a single thing that happened in any of them.
  5. Who are some people you admire for their creativity? I’m pretty sure I’ve talked before about why I value well-done sci-fi and fantasty–whether it be TV, movies, or books–but I admire writers in those genres, especially when they’re good, for the ways they’re able to create complex worlds and stories I could never think of. Specifically, I admire Paul for his creativity. I was so apprehensive early on when we were dating and he told me he wrote a bit and asked me if I’d read some of his stories, because I was scared they’d be terrible and I’d have to either lie and deal with that for the duration of the relationship or I’d have to be honest and risk hurting his feelings, taking it bad, and dumping me. Fortunately, he’s actually quite good, and one of the things I consistently comment on is his interesting plots. He has all these neat ideas that I never would’ve considered myself.

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