I haven’t allowed myself to get too wrapped up in the Paris attacks. My heart goes out to the city and I’m praying for them–and anyone else, from refugees to Muslim, that may end up targets of bigotry and hatred as a result–but I just can’t sit and read account after account of what happened. I know the basics. I feel like that’s all I need.

Paul, though, did get a little wrapped up in it. He texted me while I was at work Saturday saying he’d been reading article on it most of the day and he needed to get out of the apartment, so he wanted to know if maybe we could go to dinner and see the new James Bond movie.

We’d planned to see it Friday night, actually, but his best friend wanted to hang out instead, so I let them go on their way. Said friend is also going through a breakup, and he doesn’t like to come hang out in Washington because his ex-girlfriend frequents a lot of the same places, as do guys who know her who once claimed she was cheating. So they hang out in Uniontown instead.

Anyway, Paul decided he was finally ready to try Noodles & Co. It is, obviously, a pasta place, and he’s not much of a pasta fan, so he had to be in the mood to go. I suspect, though, that he knew I’ve been wanting to go since they opened.

It’s a good place. It reminds me almost of something like Chipotle for pasta, where you order at a counter and they bring the food out to you but it’s not necessarily nicer sit-down dining. But that ended up being perfect–I got stuck in traffic on my way home from work and sat in a busy GetGo for a while, and we were left with an hour to eat before the movie. Normally, that would be a tight squeeze, but because of the setup of Noodles & Co., we actually finished up and got to the theater in plenty of time. I had the pad thai because I was curious. It’s not a match for my favorite Thai, Green Mango in Monroeville, but it’ll do when I don’t feel like, you know, driving an hour including through the city to get out to Monroeville. And since they also serve soups and sandwiches, it’ll be easier to convince Paul to go there to quickly satisfy a pad thai craving than it would be to go get it more authentic.

As for “Spectre,” it was good, but I should’ve seen the previous films first. I mean, I knew enough to understand what was going on, but I feel like it would’ve been a much more enjoyable movie had I seen the previous ones.  It was also the first Daniel Craig Bond movie I’ve seen at all and the only Bond movie I’ve ever seen in theaters, so that tells you how long it’s been since I’ve seen one. I like Craig’s Bond a lot.

And that’s the most we did all weekend, aside from grocery shopping and laundry. We did get an invite to his parents’ for dinner, but I could tell by the way he mentioned it to me that he didn’t want to go, so I encouraged him to decline. He feels guilted into things way too often, and it’s about time he say no and just do what he wants to do.

Plus we’ve been wanting a weekend where we didn’t really go anywhere or do anything, and we finally got it. Dinner and a movie minutes away from the apartment, and that was it. Next weekend’s looking to be the same, although I might check in with my mom and see if she wants to go through with her desire to see “The Peanuts Movie” in 3D or if we ought to pop in and give my godmother her very late birthday present. My godmother’s also been wanting me to keep in better touch–“You’re all we’ve got!” she told me at that wedding last month. She and her husband don’t have kids, so I seem to be a sort of stand-in. She wants more calls and texts, and I am trying. We exchanged a few e-mails, and I told her I’d let her know when I had a weekend freed up. Funnily enough, aside from Thanksgiving, of course, most of November is pretty free…and then I suspect I’ll have pretty constant plans all through December.


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