Friday Five: Risk

  1. What’s something you’re particularly bashful about? PDA, which is kind of strange because of my contrasting opinions of it. I almost never care when other people do it, unless it’s getting excessive and gross. But for some reason, I don’t like sharing even the slightest kiss or hug with my boyfriend in public. Something about it makes me feel like all eyes are suddenly on me, which makes me uncomfortable. In fact, on our last hike in Ohiopyle, we had a moment while we were sitting on a rock, and I was all, “Nooo, your mom’s gonna turn around and make this a thing,” and damn, I was right. Maybe that’s my problem–that there are definitely some people who make a big deal, even positively, about me sharing a moment with my boyfriend.
  2. What’s something that recently caused you personal shame? I honestly don’t know! It’s not something I feel often. I think it usually gets trumped by a different, stronger emotion.
  3. Who or what keeps you humble? To a certain extent, me–I just think humility is an important quality to have. But in case I ever forget that, I can always count on Terra to knock me down, and nothing will keep you humble quit like a sibling.
  4. In what way did someone recently violate your privacy? I have an account on Patreon, where I back Amanda Palmer, and the site was hacked and some information was compromised. Most recently, some people have gotten scam e-mails that are basically blackmail attempts saying they have your personal information and asking you to send them BitCoins so they won’t release it, but Patreon has confirmed it’s not possible for anyone to have the informant they’re claiming because Patreon doesn’t even store that. All that said, I haven’t actually got one of these e-mails and I don’t know for sure that anyone had access to my info in particular.
  5. What’s something you don’t trust yourself with? Babies. They’re too small and fragile!

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