Paul wasn’t too into the idea of seeing The Peanuts Movie, so he stayed home and slept in while I pretty much spent a day out and about with my mom.

I drove to my parents’ place first, hung out with Duke a bit, then we took off to Greensburg for the movie. We toyed with the idea of stopping at the mall but agreed neither of us needed to go and therefore shouldn’t indulge in shopping, so we ran some small errands instead–they recently redid their living room and she’d bought various decorative items over the previous couple of days, so she picked up some stuff to add to that. We started at Michael’s for some stuff for a family-tree wall decal, then I wanted to scour CDs and records at Cash-in-Culture down the plaza, then we hit Pier 1 and found a few decorative items, and I ultimately got sent on a mission to Washington’s Pier 1 to pick up more of the same item.

We spent a little time at my parents’ house when we got in–and I got some dry cleaning done–before the two of us went back out for dinner at Olive Garden, then headed over to Kimmie’s place to give her her very late birthday present we’ve owed her since August. Back when we were in Gettysburg in September, we found that Polish pottery shop and bought all the godmothers tea sets, but we also got a nice painted cat for Kimmie, plus a little “fairy godmother” keychain with our birthstones as dangling gems I’d bought previously. She loved them both, and we spent some time talking and hanging out. More time than we’d intended, in fact. My mom and I both had laundry to do and I wanted to stop at Pechins for cheap groceries while I was in town, and we ended up staying until well into the evening. So I didn’t get any of my chores done, but it was a nice visit. And I know Kimmie was glad to have us.

And I had most of Monday to myself, save catching up on chores that got skipped Sunday, and now we’re back into a shortened work week. Tomorrow is gonna drag.


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