Friday Five: Holding

  1. When did you recently experience a pleasantly delayed gratification? I’m not sure. I’ve got some online orders coming in soon, but those are taking longer than usual and I’m getting impatient.
  2. What’s something you’d like to just fast-forward through in the next few weeks? All of winter, but with pauses for Christmas and various other fun things like Punchline’s hometown album release party. Then just go straight to whenever the weather decides to go above, say, 60 degrees.
  3. What’s something in the next few weeks you’ll wish you could slow down so you can savor the experience? Funnily enough, all the fun stuff that’s gonna be coming up in December. I know the month is just gonna fly between holiday parties and some winter traditions like Trans-Siberian Orchestra and hopefully a Nutcracker trip…which, fuck, we wanted to go next weekend and I haven’t even looked at tickets yet.
  4. What’s something that takes you a lot longer than it used to? I honestly can’t think of anything. I have less free/leisure time, though, thanks to mandatory overtime.
  5. What’s something you saved for later, but when later came, you decided you didn’t really want it? I have a new bad habit of forgetting about leftovers and leaving them beyond a reasonable eating point. I can’t think of specifics, but I occasionally change my mind on making certain purchases.

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