Friday Five: In and Out

  1. When did you last allow someone into your home to fix something or install something? Probably the last time maintenance had to come in, which I believe was when Meri stayed here a night right before she moved to El Paso. I’d had consistent trouble with my toilet leaking when it flushed, and it got worse while Meri was getting ready the next morning. She turned the water off, and I got home and tried to see what I could do after work, but nothing helped. So maintenance let themselves in the next day while I was at work, and I came home to find the everything in my toilet’s tank had been replaced, which was pretty great.
  2. Not counting holiday parties, when did you last attend a party or gathering with a stated theme, and what was that theme? It was almost definitely an infamous Craig themed party, but I can’t remember which one. I think probably Marion’s going-away party, which was Fayette County themed.
  3. When you were in high school, what were most often your reasons for being on campus after hours? Musical practice in the spring and movie nights when we had them, which were one of my favorite things to do. They were held by Mr. Mac, one of my favorite teachers, and each movie would have some sort of moral theme, and we’d have a discussion afterwards. It was a really positive, engaging experience, and the people who went were always some of the best company, even if a lot of us weren’t exactly friends and didn’t hang out with each other much outside of the movie nights.
  4. What’s something nobody offers for home delivery but should? I know it’s possible to get some prescriptions delivered, but it should be more common. Same with groceries.
  5. In what public space this weekend are you most likely to run into someone you know, not counting the spaces you always see them (at work or at church, for example)? Steel City Con has the potential of seeing my fellow local nerds, although funnily enough, with some people like comic-book writer Shane Ronzio, Steel City Con is the space where I always see him. I’m also meeting up with Meri (and maybe Sarah and Stephanie) while she’s home for a week, and since we’re planning to have dinner in Uniontown, there’s always a chance of running into a relative or former teacher or former classmate who’s still in the area.

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