Life right now is the way it usually is–mostly work, a little play.

Sadly, my mom’s friend Laura’s mom died the week of Thanksgiving, so after a day of working Black Friday–once again, since I was working Saturdays in November, I saw no point in requesting off–I headed out to my parents’ place and hung out for a bit before going to the funeral home with my mom. Mom made Grandma’s potato salad for Thanksgiving, so I got to feast on some of those leftovers…even though Mom sent me home with my own little container full. Hey, I will take that potato salad any way I can get it, although I’m starting to wonder if it even tastes the way Grandma used to make it or if we just think it does because we haven’t had the real thing in so many years. These are the weird, silly things I think about years after my grandparents’ deaths.

And death is an unfortunate circumstance to see anyone, so I’m glad me, my mom, and her friend Lisa had dinner back in October or so when Laura was in town visiting. It makes the reunion a little less depressing when you’ve seen someone recently in happier times, but Laura and her siblings seemed to be doing well. Laura in particular mentioned her mom not suffering and being in a better place, and I get that. I haven’t lost a parent and Grandma wasn’t too sick when she died, but I remember that when Mom told me she died, I was glad she wasn’t sick anymore.

The next day, knowing I was still pretty pissed at him, Paul left a box of strawberry muffins and a very sweet note on my side of the bed.

And the day after that, we went to dinner and a movie. We tried this new Mediterranean place in town, Markook, which we both loved so much I’ll probably write a review of it. We saw The Good Dinosaur, which I intended to review but probably won’t now as it’s been almost two weeks since we saw it and I lost most of what I had to say. But I will say like all Pixar movies, it was good, cute, and moving–I cried, like I have in most Pixar movies. Paul asked me to rank it with other Pixar movies, and I’ve settled on something like better than Cars but not as good us Up, which is still my favorite, or Brave. I can’t decide if I enjoyed Inside Out or The Good Dinosaur more, but I can say Inside Out was the more clever of the two. But I do think The Good Dinosaur‘s short, Sanjay’s Super Team, is among Pixar’s best. It was a really cute short about a little boy joining his dad for Hindu prayers and imagining the Hindu gods as superheroes from a TV show his dad had pulled him from to pray. I thought playing with that idea of gods/religious figures being superheroes was a neat way of looking at religion.


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