I had a brain lapse at the end of my weekend rotation and forgot that I would have to work the Saturday of Steel City Con and bought my tickets in advance to save myself 10 bucks. But no big deal, I figured–going into Monroeville after work wasn’t ideal, but it was doable.

Terra decided she wanted to tag along, so to save some time, I had Paul pick me up at work so we could head in as quickly as possible.

We made the crucial error of forgetting to check Pittsburgh’s traffic situation before we left. Turns out the parkway was closed yet again, and had we known this, we could’ve taken a faster, easier route to Terra’s.

We knew from the past experience that was the disaster of trying to get to “The Diary of Anne Frank” that taking the detour was not an option, unless we wanted to get to the convention when it was closing. But we were too far to catch the alternate route we knew, so we improvised–the GPS kept trying to put us on the closed parkway, so we figured we could enter a landmark in that we know is on that route and worst-case scenario backtrack a bit, best-case scenario put in her address and look for a point where the two sets of directions overlapped. And it worked. We got ourselves rerouted, although it was a major pain in the ass because of where we were and where we had to go to get around both the detour and the closed parkway. But it was better than idling for an hour or more.

I knew, though, that we still lost time and we’d be pressed for time at Steel City Con. Terra and I were in favor of grabbing quick food there, but Paul was too hungry and insisted on a proper dinner first. Normally, we’d go to my beloved Green Mango, but I figured the smarter thing to do would be to eat as close to the convention center as possible. So we settled on Red Robin, finished up pretty quick, and made it over a little after 7. Great, I thought. We’d have two hours to walk around. Plenty of time.

Wrong. While I thought Steel City Con closed at 9, it actually closes at 8. So we were pretty surprised to hear them announce a few minutes before 8 that we had to start making our way to the exits, and some people sounded just as surprised and irritated by that as we were. I pushed it a little longer and kept looking at some stuff, while Terra booked it to quickly buy some stuff that had caught her eye. Had I know we were so pressed for time, I would’ve picked up stuff when I saw it instead of intending to circle back around later.

And because celebrity appearances end earlier in the evening, we missed both Jason Mewes and Sean Astin. Had I known we were gonna get so screwed up, I would’ve had Brandon get their autographs since he went earlier in the day.

The moral of the story is next time, we might be getting a three-day pass.


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