The weekend of Steel City Con would’ve worked out so much better if we’d sort of flip-flopped what we did on each day. In other words, if I would’ve remembered I still had to work Saturday and not bought tickets in advance, but how could I resist when the tickets were discounted if you bought them in advance online?

The thing is, the timing happened to coincide with a visit home from Meri and Nolan, and my aunt and uncle invited everyone over Saturday night. And we ended up only getting under an hour to spend at Steel City Con anyway. So had we planned things out differently, we could’ve just headed over to my aunt and uncle’s after work and then had all day to peruse the convention at our leisure.

They’ve just released a round of advance significantly discounted online tickets, and the discount is a three-day pass for the same price as Saturday regularly priced admission. And because I’ll be on Saturday rotation again, I’m seriously considering the three-day pass if only for flexibility–that way if something comes up, we can hit it maybe two days. Especially if there ends up being celebrity guests we want to see.

We were able to meet Meri for dinner at Meloni’s that Sunday, though, which was nice. I hadn’t even started Christmas shopping for the cousins at the time, but Meri gave me a nice gift of some soaps from El Paso, a little purse, and journals, including a neat happiness journal I plan to use starting on New Year’s.

Because rotations start and end the first Monday of the month, I ended up with only that Sunday off. I used to just go into work that Monday, but then I got tired of only having one day off, so I started requesting it off. As we’re gearing up toward the holidays and the cutoff for using vacation time before it’s lost, the calendar is full. I didn’t even bother putting in for that Monday, but I did put in for Tuesday instead–I figured a day off is a day off, and I’m okay with working a full week, getting a day off, working on day, getting a day off, then finishing out the week.

How did I spend my day off? Doing laundry, mostly. Ah, adulthood.


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