Booking Through Thursday: Gift

What books are/were you hoping to get as gifts this holiday season?
Which books DID you get?
Are you happy, or did you rush right out to your local bookstore to pick up the book you’d hoped you’d be getting?

I wasn’t really hoping for any books in particular, but I usually get at least one Barnes & Noble gift card a year. No dice this time. But Paul got me 12 Years a Slave–which I think I already have–and this beast of a book called Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do, a book about victimless crimes that looks really interesting but is probably nothing I ever would’ve bought myself. Once I took a look at it, though, I was pretty intrigued, and I’m excited to dig into it one day.

I’m pleased, and I won’t be going out and picking up things for myself. I don’t have the space! Not that that’ll stop me from buying more books in the future.

I also gifted books–I bought Paul The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, which he actually saw when it fell out of the bag in the car. I also bought him The Martian, but when my mom asked what she could get him, I figured I could just give it to her to give to him and I could just pick out other stuff. He can be tough to shop for, so I figure specific, easy-to-find items would be better to tell other people and I can worry myself with weird, obscure stuff or clothes, which is mostly what he ended up getting.


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