Friday Five: Todayish

  1. When were you last up on the house top? I don’t know! I don’t think I’ve ever been on the roof of any place I’ve ever lived, or any place I’ve ever visited. The closest I’ve come is probably the attic of my childhood home.
  2. What’s a cookie you dislike? I don’t think I truly dislike any cookie, but I’m inclined to pass up something that doesn’t have a lot of flavor or is pretty plain. Although sometimes cookies with fruit in them can go awry–I’ve had some store-bought ones with bad fruit flavor and texture.
  3. How many people named Carol (or Carole) do you know? Just one, my paternal grandmother, who died when I was two.
  4. How much snow have you got on the roof? None! We’ve only really had one snow this season, and it was just a dusting. And it was weeks ago. We had some nasty ice a week or so ago, though, after we’d had a lot of rain and the temperature dropped and froze it all.
  5. Whose lap did you last sit on, and who last sat on yours? I believe the last lap I sat on was Paul’s, which is funny because he once got yelled at by his mom earlier on in our relationship when I did that because she thinks it’s inappropriate and thought the relatives who saw me doing it would be talking. You’d think we were banging instead of innocent lap-sitting, that’s how pissed she was. As for who last sat on my lap, I believe it was Paul’s baby cousin Garrett, who is one of the few babies I’ve willingly held. He’s just such a calm, chill baby, and he’s so chubby and adorable!

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