Whenever Scott comes home, he and his friends continue their tradition of hitting wing night at Quaker Steak. And Paul and I join them because friends.

Terra and I are vegetarians, though I cheat on wing night and get shrimp tacos. But basically, we’re the only people who go and ask for their full menu, rather than just getting wings like all the men.

Paul’s not much of a wing fan, but he did decide to go for it this time. I think he regretted it–his stomach was bothering him all the next day, although mine was a bit off, too, so it’s tough to say it was the wings.

It was a fun dinner, and Scott’s friends are a good time. Terra and Scott invited us out to Phipps to see their winter light show, and I normally don’t like being out late on a work night. But since it was the last time we were really gonna get to hang out with them while they were still living here, I said fuck it and decided to live on the edge. How exciting.

It’s been a year, maybe two, since Paul and I went to Phipps last, and I’ve been wanting to go again anyway. I didn’t realize what a popular place it would be a few days before Christmas–the lines were really long, but the advantage is it means you’re sort of forced to take it slow and take in everything around you, rather than just breezing through it quickly. It made for a nice, fun double date, too.

And then it was Christmas.


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