Friday Five: Slow

  1. What’s something you make that takes a really long time to cook? Eggplant lasagna, although that’s more an issue of prep time and assembly.
  2. Of books you’ve completed, which took you the most time to get from beginning to end? Fountainhead comes to mind immediately–I hated it so much that I really dragged that one out because I couldn’t bring myself to sit and read even just one chapter in a sitting. I’d only read a few pages at a time because that’s all I could take, and I couldn’t bring myself to quit. So it took me like a couple years to finish.
  3. What’s a movie that seemed much longer than it was? I can’t think of one! But generally, anything with bad pacing seems longer than it really is.
  4. Who was your partner for your first slow dance? I don’t remember my very first one. Given my history, though, and who my classmates were, it was probably this kid Josh who eventually became a super dick in high school. I still side-eye him when I see him around local bars. Can’t trust him.
  5. What decision are you dragging your feet toward making? So I haven’t finished up recapping my holiday adventures, but spoiler alert, I got engaged! I don’t know that I’d go so far as to say I’m dragging my feet on wedding planning because it hasn’t even been a week, but I’m definitely not plunging right into it, either. Although I have declared we’re gonna research venues at some point this weekend.

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