The Stars Look Very Different Today

The death of David Bowie is getting to me tonight. Frankly, to post about anything else doesn’t feel right, yet strangely, I don’t have a hell of a lot to say. And that’s just as a fan–I can’t imagine how his loved ones feel right now, though it’s got to be great to see the outpouring of love and grief. All of my social media is packed with it, and I’m reposting almost everything. So much of it is so touching.

But I do have something to say. It’s a repost from my Facebook status, but I want to express here, too, nonetheless.

When I first started getting into alternative music, Bowie’s name was thrown around a lot by both bands and their fans. So one day in my early teens, I was out shopping with my mom and was scouring the CDs for something good and new to get, like I always did. And I saw “Ziggy Stardust” and bought it, pretty much on a whim–I hadn’t heard a single song on it, and I asked my mom if she was familiar with it. All she said was she thought “Suffragette City” was good. But that was it. That was all it took to turn me into a dedicated Bowie fan to this day. He had so many qualities that have come to be some of my favorites in music and musicians. Weirdness, creativity, originality, versatility, confidence, and just damn good music. My 21st birthday party was Bowie-themed, and it was probably the most drunk and most hungover I’ve ever been. The very first time I went out for Record Store Day, I underestimated its power in Pittsburgh and missed out on every single copy of his latest album that Dave’s Music Mine had, and then I drove all over the South Side to every participating record store to try and snag a copy. I never did find one. When I once talked to Brandon about songs in the running for first dance at my wedding, “Heroes” was one of them. Bowie and Iman were one of my favorite celebrity couples. Just last week, I was saying to my mom that I’ve gotten to see a lot of great musicians and that Bowie was one of the few musicians still on my bucket list and that I hoped he’d tour again, what with a new alum and all. In my still fledgling writing career, I even got to write a bit about Bowie, and I’m so grateful for that now.

Basically, David Bowie was the first musician who meant a lot to me to die. And it sucks.


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