Normally, I don’t like going outside and walking during the winter–too cold. But of course, with the weird December we had, we had a warm Christmas weekend. Warm enough to venture out and walk, which was nice.

And of course, since then, the planet remembered it’s winter and it was 4 degrees outside this morning and snowed yesterday.

We spent the evening after Christmas at a party at Leah’s house, which I’m hoping will become an annual thing–it’s fun to get together with her, of course, but she also manages to draw in a decent crowd of people I graduated high school with, plus other various friends of hers from the area. So she gets her little house packed full of people, and she serves plenty of food, and everyone hangs out and has a good time. And being that it’s the holidays, a lot of people are in town that we might not see elsewhere or otherwise. Marion and Tessa were both in, as well as this guy Chris, who Paul likes to talk to about science things. I joked that he nerds out about it because he can’t really do it with me, or he can only do it to a point. But it was a nice party and although we didn’t stay too long, we had a good time.

And then clipped a deer on the way home, although it would be more accurate to say that the deer ran into us. Fortunately, it sounded worse than it was–it barely damaged Paul’s car, and he was able to fix what little damage it did do within a day or so.

In a bit of a change from past years, the annual Trans-Siberian Orchestra show was after days after Christmas this year, rather than a couple weeks before. Paul seems to sort of alternate which years he attends and he decided to go this year, so we met my parents–plus Brandon and Kelly–for lunch prior to the show.

As much as I was relieved that the rain was not, well, snow, I made the mistake of canvas shoes, which didn’t go well. At all. Probably the biggest canvas-shoe fail I’ve ever had in rain, which was weird because I didn’t think the rain was that bad.

The show was excellent–maybe my favorite of the band’s that we’ve seen in the past few years, and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that they switched the set up a bit. I reviewed it for AXS.

Paul’s friends Ryun and Melissa, plus his brother Jacob and fiancee Katie, decided at some point to get tickets for the evening show, so we managed to squeeze in a very brief meet-up with them on the South Side between the two shows. And since we were already down there and parked, we decided to stop at Hofbrauhaus for dessert. Which turned into dessert, some alcohol, and an appetizer platter, because Paul and I can’t be in Hofbrauhaus without eating bier cheese.


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