Life is back to normal now that the holidays are over–Paul had two weeks off from work, so we’re both back at the grind full-time. I’ve been adjusting to life as an engaged lady, which basically means gradually becoming less paranoid when wearing my ring. And slowly starting to plan a wedding.

I’m going in 2016 having to remember not only that it’s 2016, but that my boyfriend is now my fiancé. And remembering to write “2016” on my checks has so far been easier.

With weekend plans rare now, we’ve taken to mostly staying it and then catching a movie at some point. So we saw Hateful Eight two weeks ago, The Revenant last weekend. I’m debating maybe doing short reviews for each. I will say that of the two, I preferred The Revenant. I’m hoping to catch another movie this weekend, if we’re not snowed in, and I’d like it to be something that’s been out a little longer. Because we generally make it to the movies kind of infrequently, I like to see whatever’s been out the longest so we can knock it out and save something newer for another weekend, but I conceded these past two trips and saw movies Paul and I both wanted to see.

Last Friday, the furnace went out. I woke up thinking it felt pretty cold in the apartment, and when I went to turn the heat up, I saw that the thermostat was in the 60s, despite being set to the 70s. I thought maybe it was just acting up and turned the thermostat up, but the heat didn’t kick on the way it normally would. I turned it off, turned it back on, and tried again, and while it did click on, it didn’t go through its usual cycle. The furnace wasn’t igniting, and then I smelled gas. So I woke Paul up and he took a look at it while I showered, and when he couldn’t get it fixed, he decided he’d call off work and I’d still go in and just make the necessary calls from work. There was just one problem–the apartment was a damn disaster. Mess and chaos everywhere, and since it was a Friday, I wanted to make sure the furnace got fixed in case maintenance is out all weekend. So I asked him if he was sure he didn’t want to call off and help him clean up, and he changed his mind.

So I got a three-day weekend, but I spent a long time cleaning the apartment. And we did a damn good job–we just have some clutter left that’s mostly boxes of Paul’s books we can’t put anywhere else because our bookshelves are packed.

As it was getting to be afternoon, maintenance still hadn’t shown up, so I went up to the office. I had this fear that something wouldn’t get passed along, and I was right–I’d called the management company’s main office, in part because the wrong number was listed and in part because someone gets in there an hour before my own building management–and my building manager never got word that my furnace was out. So 20 minutes before the poor maintenance guys are set to go home, they get sent over to my place to fix my furnace no one told them about. It was frustrating for me that it could’ve gotten fixed hours before, and I’m sure they weren’t happy about getting the call. Fortunately, it was a really quick, easy fix, and despite coming to do it right at the end of the day, they still managed to get out of work on time. Bam. Paul joked as they were leaving to go quick before they got another call. I did feel bad for them. Paul and I both know how it feels to get stuck at work late, and I can imagine what a pain it was to have 20 minutes left in the workday and get sent out somewhere. But I was really grateful, and I hope that came across.

I’m also grateful that it happened on the one weird warm day of the week and not the typical cold winter day. We managed to crank a space heater all day and keep the apartment at a normal temperature. Way better than single-digit heatless winters we had as a kid when the furnace crapped out on us.


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