Friday Five: Sense

  1. How would you describe your sense of direction? I mean, I wouldn’t say it’s terrible, but it’s definitely not good. Although it has been getting better.
  2. Whose sense of humor is most like yours? Honestly, all of the Craigs had very similar senses of humor in that we were drawn to sort of over-the-top and bizarre things. Where we started to differ was when the group started to tend towards being mean and calling it jokes. These days, Paul and I are pretty similar. We’re both big on sarcasm, and we laugh at a lot of the same things–we’re both Monty Python fans, and we’re going through Bob’s Burgers on Netflix right now. I’d say whatever overlap I don’t have with him I have with Terra. That leans towards self-deprecating  and absurd.
  3. What film’s or novel’s sense of place really impressed you? I can’t think of one really good example, with the exception of a lot of fantasy and sci-fi, where it’s creating a whole place. But I will say the movie I saw most recently was The Danish Girl, and I feel like it did a good job of capturing not just the place but the time. But we’ll talk about that movie some other time.
  4. When did you most recently and accurately sense danger? I don’t know–I’ve had more paranoid false alarms lately than I’ve had an accurate sense.
  5. How would you describe the scent of your car’s interior? Probably just like a typical car, with the occasional whiff of a strawberry air freshener that’s pretty much dead.

One thought on “Friday Five: Sense

  1. Aha! here it is! The comment form… yay! You sound like a fun person to know and joke with, mostly. heehee. Have a great weekend!

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