Friday Five: Pounding the Pavement

  1. What was the occasion for your last going door-to-door? I honestly don’t know–it’s not something I ever really did for anything.
  2. When did you last trip and fall? I can’t remember the last time I actually fell and went down, but I’ve tripped in the apartment a couple times over the past week or so. The last fall I can think of was when I slipped on some ice in the parking lot at my apartment last winter or so–it was shockingly slick, and I wasn’t prepared.
  3. When wandering about, where are you most likely to stop and take a photo of something? Out in nature. I do that a lot when Paul and I go up into the mountains. Or anywhere I’m a tourist. I’m the kind of person that takes pictures of dumb shit no one else cares about. When I was in Washington D.C. as a kid, I had this little Barbie camera my parents got me, and I took pictures of every damn squirrel I saw on that trip.
  4. How safe do you feel walking around your neighborhood at night by yourself? Honestly, the feelings on this place are mixed. We live downtown, pretty much, and I’ve never felt threatened or unsafe. I haven’t even heard any horror stories, plus the college campus is right here, too. But people who know the area a bit better and have been around a little longer say not to walk at night, although I have done it–I’m within walking distance to the city’s summer festival, and Paul and I walked to and from it this past year. I’m not sure if the reluctance from some of the older guys comes from knowing the area better or if it’s maybe a holdover if the area used to be worse than it is now. The only bad experiences I’ve had have been with catcalling, and that was during the day in a pretty busy area.
  5. How do you feel about FitBit and other smart health gadgets? I don’t use them myself because I am not the most active of people, but I get why people love them. And if they help, great. The one app I do use is this one that donates money to an animal shelter of your choice for every mile you walk, so when Paul and I are in a better walking routine in the warmer months, I try to use that all the time.

One thought on “Friday Five: Pounding the Pavement

  1. Ha. Since we don’t have squirrels in Hawaii, the joke among our ex-pats living on the continent is that you can always tell who the visitors from Hawaii are: they’re the ones taking photos of all the squirrels. 🙂

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