Every year, I try to revisit the previous year’s New Year’s resolutions and see how things went. I usually do this months late because that’s the soonest I can get to it, and on top of that this year, I just plain forgot. But I’m already doing better than I did last year! I didn’t get to until March, apparently. So here we go–the resolutions I made last year and how well I actually did on them.

  • Get to work on time, or at least slightly less late. I did it! I mean, I’m still late like every day, but slightly less late than usual.
  • Find a new job. This was conditional–I initially wanted to give up the search should I get engaged, but  changed my mind on that. Now, I did go on the hunt and I remain on the hunt and even had some interviews, but nothing has panned out, although I have added a freelancing side gig with CBS Local OnTopic content.
  • Get published. I had three creative-nonfiction pieces published in 2015.
  • Get a good writing app. Didn’t do it. Got put on the back burner somehow, which means…
  • Assemble a proper manuscript. …so did this.
  • Do more yoga, walk, and generally be fit. Did it, but could be better.
  • Lose five pounds. No way did I make it happen. If anything, I gained weight, but not for lack of trying–I do eat (slightly) better and was generally more active.
  • Be a proactive friend. Mostly done. I still have shy, insecure, and introverted tendencies, but I did make it a point to make the first move multiple times when it came to hanging out with people.
  • Be a source of light and good in the world. I think so. I mean, ask people around me, I guess.
  • Take no shit. I get better at this every year, I think.
  • Stop interrupting people. Personally, I still think I struggle with this, but I am trying.
  • Eat less shit. I do eat pasta less frequently…
  • Cook more. Sort of. Does it count if my fiancé tackles a lot of it?
  • Pursue any and all opportunities, within reason. I honestly didn’t have a lot come up, but I did still give everything a chance.
  • Cut back on side projects. Sort of–this hinged on what freelance opportunities came up. I have added CBS Local, but generally, that doesn’t take up so much of my time that I still can’t pursue my previous endeavors with Examiner and AXS. Frankly, I’d like to move on from Examiner, but I can’t because they’re closely tied to CBS, and you need to be in good standing with Examiner to continue to write for CBS, which I honestly think is just a racket to keep both websites churning out content on the cheap. But until something better comes along, I’ll do what I have to do.
  • Check in with my therapist. I pop in every few months.
  • Find a new optometrist. Done! I also got new contacts and glasses.
  • Take advantage of the free, online medical advice from professionals my insurance company offers for little things. I actually did look into this and for whatever reason never actually used it. Might be something to revisit this year.
  • Read, play guitar, travel, and have a general good time. I did not play guitar! It’s back on the list this year, too. Part of the problem is my guitar books got shuffled around at some point when I moved. But I did read, though I didn’t meet my goal of 20 books. In my defense, reading one Stephen King book ought to count as two. I do think I had a general good time, though, and 2015 didn’t bring anything particularly horrible. It was a good, productive year for me, and I look forward to keeping that up in 2016.

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