My mom’s birthday is coming up, and when I asked her what she wanted to do, she of course decided on a day at the casino. So I met everyone here in Washington for brunch and gambling at the Meadows.

In the meantime, I’ve discovered what a nightmare it is to get Paul out the door on time. I’m not saying I’m the most punctual person, but it’s like he sabotages punctuality. I say, “Hey, they’re getting close, put some pants on and leave,” he says, “Come watch this music video!” My theory is that because his family is late for everything all the time, he doesn’t know how to be on time and just kind of dicks around.

But it was a good trip to the casino. I’m a fan of their brunch buffet, and Kelly ended up winning about $1,000 and I came up and more than doubled my money, some of which I spent on a family trip to the outlets afterwards. And on groceries. Including some Girl Scout cookies. ‘Tis the season.

I also gave my mom her present, which was a fleece Snoopy infinity scarf and more charms for her Snoopy bracelet. She tried dubbing the bracelet “lucky” but alas, she lost.

Otherwise, it’s been a lazy weekend, and I like that. The one bad thing is that when I do go out on weekends now, it’s so rare that it feels kind of weird and like I should be at home doing other things. But this is also partly my fault for taking on freelancing projects and making myself feel like that’s where my focus should be, even if I don’t have any pressing deadlines looming.


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