I actually broke my longstanding habit of never doing anything during the week by meeting Paul for dinner.

In Sunday’s casino trip, four of us had coupons for buy one, get one free for food in the casino. Of course, with six of us, we could only use three coupons, so since Paul and I live so close, my mom gave us one of ours back and said we ought to take advantage of it and come back for dinner Monday, the last day the coupon was good. So we figured sure, might as well–it’s a cheap dinner, and we could eat at the buffet.

Lucky for me, it was Mamma Mia Monday pasta night. And they had cannoli on the dessert bar. I ate three and got powdered sugar on my black pants because I am a child.

Of course, I couldn’t be in a casino without playing the slots a little, but I resolved to only spend 20 bucks. And I was doing okay–I was hitting enough to keep playing. Since Paul and I met up there right after work, he took off to go to his tai chi class, and I stuck around just a bit longer to keep playing. The Jurassic Park slots lured me in and took more of my money than I should’ve let them, but hey, I didn’t lose the whole $20 I’d used to gamble. And I guess I can’t win 200 bucks every time.

But I should remember to stop by more often when they’re running specials and giveaways. For some, you have to accumulate points on your card before you can claim the day’s giveaways prizes, so it would be a matter of deciding if it was worth it to gamble just to get a prize that might in the long run be worth less than what you spent trying to qualify. But we live so close that it’s worth keeping in mind.

In the meantime, overtime at work is still going strong, wedding planning is still stalled until we look at what I hope will be the winning venue on Saturday, and I’m tired and ready for a vacation. I obviously don’t want to do anything big and expensive while I’m in the midst of planning a wedding, but I’m all for doing some small weekend trips to visit far-away friends so we can use our vacation time and get out and travel without spending a ton of money doing it.

Maybe come Monday, I’ll have a wedding venue booked and can look at booking caterers and doing, like, a food tour of State College or something when it gets warmer.


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