It seems like my annual tradition to talk about New Year’s resolutions a solid two or three months into the year–I think last year’s resolutions were posted in March, too. It’s just that with all the things I try to cram into an evening, I sometimes end up with no time to do a post, and so resolutions go unmentioned for a long period of time. But I like putting them out there. I like to have something to look back on a year (or nine months) from now to look at what I wanted to do and whether or not I actually did it. I don’t think of them as hard and fast things that must be accomplished, more like a set of goals that function as a guide. And sure, a lot are similar year to year, but that’s because I know where I want to be.

  • Do no harm, but take no shit.
  • Eat healthier and cook more.
  • Get more active–daily walks when weather permits, yoga when it doesn’t.
  • Plan as much of my wedding as I reasonably can.
  • Save money…
  • …but invest in myself. Buy those apps for writing, buy things that make me happy.
  • Make more money at writing–sure, I’m doing pretty well with three side jobs bringing in extra income, but I’d like to add more to that. Ideally, I’d add something that pays better than one of the three and phase the one out that pays the least.
  • Get a new job.
  • Get more pieces published.
  • Clean more.
  • Get organized, including buying any shelving I need or any other organizational gadgets I have room for and can use. This also counts as investing in myself.
  • Travel.
  • Continue to be a more proactive friend–don’t be afraid to reach out, make the first move, initiate conversations and plans.
  • Do something that scares the shit out of me in a good way. Could be as simple as a public reading.
  • Declutter.
  • Pay off at least one credit card, ideally two.
  • Play guitar.
  • Start private stream-of-counscious journaling again.
  • Continue to weed out toxic people, even though at this point that’s mostly just my future mother-in-law. Pray for me, guys.
  • Continue to spend money on experiences–concerts, travel, whatever.
  • Start sending some fucking birthday, anniversary, and Christmas cards, you bitch.
  • Use the cork board in the kitchen more. You bought it for reminders and such, and you found some little pins for it. Use them all.
  • Enjoy the year! Enjoy the upcoming weddings, enjoy planning my own as much as I can, enjoy the people I have around me.

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