Friday Five: Upper Body

  1. What’s got you scratching your head? Figuratively, a few minutes ago I was trying to come up with places/things/experiences that are unique to Pittsburgh. Literally, dry skin resulting in dandruff and just having a lot of thick hair. I have fantasies about what it must feel like to have air hit my bare scalp.
  2. What’s the big news in your neck of the woods? Sadly, there was a shooting at a backyard cookout the other night in a Pittsburgh-area neighborhood, and it’s been the big story ever since. The shooters haven’t been caught, it was planned, and they’d targeted the family they shot.
  3. What’s has everyone else raising an eyebrow, but is only getting a shrug of the shoulders out of you? Kind of Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies. Everyone seems to care about it more than I do. Man, let the woman get naked on the internet if she wants. Don’t lecture her on why she shouldn’t do it. She’s an adult who can make her own decisions, and as women, those of us who choose not to get naked on Instagram aren’t any better than those who do.
  4. What are you keeping an eye on? Politics, as usual. My bank account. Job opportunities, and not just for me–my brother’s looking for something, and my mom is thinking about jumping ship.
  5. What’s something you’ve done an about-face on recently? Supporting Kim Kardashian, in a way! I’m not a fan at all, so for me to essentially defend her is kind of weird.

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