Saturday Nine: See You Later, Alligator

Saturday 9: See You Later, Alligator (1956)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) Crazy Sam’s mother is terrified of alligators. Just looking at a photo of one of those scaly reptiles gives her the creeps. Is there a member of the animal kingdom that scares you? Most reptiles, especially snakes, although I can handle looking at them. I find sharks pretty scary, too–someone ought to take a picture of the face I make on our annual zoo trip when I see the rows of teeth on some of the sharks there. But I’d say the one that sends me into the truest panic is spiders. If they’re big enough, I can’t even look at pictures of them. Horrifying.

2) Gators are carnivores, but they aren’t picky. If meat isn’t handy, they’ll munch on fruit. Are you particular about your diet? For example, do you try to eat gluten free, low sodium, etc.? Man, listen, I can’t get behind gluten-free as a fad diet. If you have a sensitivity, fine, but there’s honestly no good reason to cut it otherwise, and it annoys me that it’s the hot new dieting trend. Anyway. I’m a vegetarian, and that’s about it. I try to stick to organic foods, although it depends–I have friends in farming, and they keep me updated on what’s worth buying organic and what’s not. I’m also trying to eat more fresh ingredients and prepare things from scratch.

3) In Spain, this song was a hit under the title, “Hasta Luego, Cocodrilo.” Say something else in Spanish. Hola! Me llamo Janelle.

4) When this week’s artist, Bill Haley, was a little boy, he made a guitar out of cardboard and pretended to play that until his parents got him a real one. Tell us about something you wanted so badly when you were a kid. Nothing stands out, but I’m sure I had my moments. The person to ask would be my mom–ask her which things I was really begging Santa for come Christmas. I do remember getting into fads like Furby, and Lord knows I wanted just about every Barbie ever. And every accessory. I think the one thing I really wanted and never got was one of those Power Wheels cars.

5) Early in his career, Bill did whatever it took to get the gig. When singing cowboys were popular, the Michigan native pretended to be a cowpoke and renamed himself, “Silver Yodeling Bill.” Have you ever fudged on your resume or fibbed in an interview? Never. The only thing remotely close to this is I try to show how my experience can be applied to a potential new job, which could sometimes be a bit of a stretch.

6) When his career was going well, Bill was generous and loved to give extravagant parties at his home, which he called Melody Manor. Do you enjoy playing the host? I do, and I don’t do it at the moment because there’s just no room in this apartment. One of the things I’m determined to do when I own a house one day–which I’m saving, of course, for after wedding planning–is host frequent parties. I’d love to have people over for dinner like once a week or something, but no one I know lives close enough to me for that to be a feasible plan. So I’d like to host holiday parties, mostly Halloween and New Year’s. Maybe cookouts for things like Memorial Day and the 4th.

7) Bill was blind in one eye, the result of a botched operation when he was a child. Since the blind eye wandered and didn’t focus, he always wore a curl over the opposite eye, hoping to draw everyone’s attention to the other side of his face. What is there about your appearance that leaves you self conscious? I think I have a very full face for my size, including a very beefy neck. It’s probably the only thing I’d say I truly hate about my appearance. I’d love to have a nice tight, sculpted jawline.

8) On the other hand, what is it about your appearance that pleases you, and that you would never change? I like my eyes–they’re big and dark, and I have really long eyelashes that I know some people would kill for. I also like my legs. They have a good shape to them. I have mixed feelings on my ass. I think it looks good and my fiancé sure as hell loves it, but it’s inconvenient to actually have. Pants can be difficult to shop for, because if the waist doesn’t sit high enough, I’ll get gapping along the waistband. I also have a theory that it affects my pant size, because I need enough fabric to cover it and come back around the front. And then there’s the fact that it makes short dresses and skirts nearly scandalous. I’ve seen tiny little dresses that look great on flatter asses, but no way I’d be covered if I wore them.

9) In 1956, when this song was a hit, Elvis Presley exploded onto the music scene and displaced Bill as rock’s top artist. The press and public assumed Bill was jealous of Elvis, but in reality he liked Elvis a great deal. Are you jealous by nature? Not at all. I can only think of maybe two times when jealousy came into my relationship, and even then I don’t know that I’d say the man issue was jealousy–there was usually another factor. Now, I have had insecurities creep in with friendships, where I’ve felt left out of things, but I’ve found it’s worth considering that I feel that way only with certain people. It’s not something that happens with everyone, so I tend to think that has less to do with a jealous nature and more to do with the way I’m being treated by other people and the sort of things they themselves cultivate as people.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Nine: See You Later, Alligator

  1. Really your ass sounds like it’s very stylish. How could I ignore this in the post when my auntie used to say that all the women in our family suffered from a condition called, Noassitol.

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