I’ve learned why I don’t typically like doing things on Fridays after work–I feel too rushed, especially if I work late. We’re almost an hour away from everyone we hang out with, so unless someone is coming to us, getting out of work and ready to go somewhere else and out the door is tight.

But we did it to go see Geibel’s musical. We made a quick stop by Paul’s parents’ house, which we were both kind of dreading–it was our first time going over since getting the latest from Julianne and Michael on the goings-on in the house, and it left us both pretty frustrated. But his parents were on their way out to run errands, so we only saw them in passing. Even a quick appearance will serve to keep the peace, plus we’ll be over for Easter. Sure, we’re expecting a shit show then, too, but whatever.

We also had a belated birthday present for Jonathan. We got him a model engine, which he opened and started on pretty much immediately. I wouldn’t be surprised if he had it finish by the time we’d all gone home for the night, or at least by the end of the weekend.

We met Julie, Michael, and Katie in town, then headed to the theater. And when it comes to small-town Catholic schools, you know you’ve gotten far removed from your graduation when no one is familiar anymore except for the teachers. I recognize a few of Emily’s friends, but that’s about it.

The musical was Grease, which I’m honestly not a fan of. Paul’s never seen it at all, so when he asked what it was about, I told him it’s about changing to please another person. Because really. It’s not like you can even argue Sandy compromised to make a relationship work, or even revamped herself because it was what she wanted. She did it for a dude, who’s kind of an asshole not worth the effort.

That said, the kids did a good job with it. Of course, the theater’s sound sucks, like it does every year. Back when my brother had a big part in his musical senior year, my mom joked that you have to go to the show all three nights to be able to hear the whole things because of how frequently mics either cut out or just aren’t turned up loud enough over the band. Now, since I’ve seen professional shows there that don’t have these problems, my personal theory is that the theater staff just half-asses it because it’s a high-school show.

Afterwards, we got stuck in a parking garage. Word to the wise–don’t leave your ticket in the machine too long while you look for cash because the thing doesn’t take cards. The machine will eat it. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem in, say, Pittsburgh, and not only because you can use a credit card to pay for parking. But there are attendants on hand. The “help” button on the pay station did nothing. So after a few attempts at solutions, we ended up talking to someone else leaving the garage, who told us to try the “help” button on the actual exit, which we didn’t think to do since the one on the pay station did nothing. We were told there’d be an open gate at the very bottom of the garage, which there wasn’t, but on our second call, they were able to open the gat remotely and let us out. So we made our way to IHOP, where poor Julie, Michael, and Katie were stuck waiting for us.

But it was a nice night out. On our way back, Paul and I dropped off our signed wedding-venue contract at my parents’ house for my mom to scan, since we don’t have a scanner. So our wedding date and venue are almost official.

And because of said wedding, I really, really didn’t want to buy a new computer just yet. Mine’s been showing the signs of a slow death lately, and it is going on five years old–I bought it when I was still living at home and had like two paychecks under my belt and no other expenses. I figured I’d wait as long as I possibly could, and when my screen started acting up, I figured the time was now. The last thing I want to do is wait so long that I don’t have a working computer and can’t easily transfer files over. So I signed up for Apple’s financing, which naturally only lasts a limited time, and bought and picked up a  fancy new computer Saturday morning. The excitement of a new computer is still fun to me. The new one is so much faster–one of the problems I’ve been having with my old on is not just the computer itself starting up slowly, but apps like Spotify sometimes take a really long time to load. I’m still using the old one here and there until I get everything moved over–Mac’s quick and easy method keeps stalling out on me–and then I think it’s gonna go to my dad to use for Internet and movies. He needs something that won’t be a catastrophic loss if and when he manages to get a virus on it. It’s like a skill of his. It should be harder for him to manage with a Mac, but I’m sure he’ll find a way.


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