Paul and I have done more socializing in the past week than we do in most months, I think.

On Monday, I met up with Meri and Erio, Sarah, and Stephanie and Garrett at Bud Murphy’s for dinner. Paul skipped it because of his tai chi class, but it was a nice night of drinks, greasy pizza that you have to eat with a fork, and catching up.

Terra’s still in town, too–she stayed for a total of about three weeks after her dad died to help her brother with settling his affairs, and while she was still in, her aunt died, too. We were originally set to have dinner with her Friday, but we bumped it up to Thursday because of the funeral. So we drove out to get her and had dinner and drinks at Rock Bottom on the Waterfront, then spent a little time walking around and shopping. In her subtle Terra way in which she won’t openly admit it, she seemed to enjoy the night out and the company.

Then yesterday, we went down to West Virginia for a surprise 21st birthday dinner for Julie’s boyfriend at a Mexican place. Unfortunately, Michael wasn’t quite in a celebratory mood–his boss was pretty seriously injured after a harness broke and he fell out of a tree. While he’s doing better, Michael’s understandably upset and wasn’t really in the mood for it, but he seemed glad that Julie got family and friends together for him. Julie was even unsure if the dinner was still gonna go on earlier in the week.

As if that wasn’t enough, we were also invited out to celebrate Kelly’s sister’s 21st birthday down at the casino, but it was also scheduled for yesterday. Their original plan was to come out earlier in the afternoon, but they ended up not even leaving until we were going to pick up Katie to head down to Morgantown, so we missed it.

We’ll be back to our normal schedule this coming week of doing mostly nothing, but we’ll hopefully be taking a trip to the museum next weekend.

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