I’m back on weekend rotation at work yet again. Every time a new rotation schedule is released–and I have it about every six months-ish–I tell myself I’ll have a new job by the time it rolls around, but I haven’t had much luck with that, especially lately. The open positions have been very scarce lately, but I am excited to say I’ve at least added to my freelance work. I now do reviews for Pennsylvania Theatre Guide, and my very first one went up last night. I hope this helps open up other opportunities.

Rotation means I work Saturdays and have Mondays off, so I kicked that off last week by going shopping with my mom. She still hadn’t found a dress for Brandon’s wedding this summer–in fact, I don’t have one yet, either–and wanted to try a bridal shop just minutes away from my apartment.

Said apartment is still a disaster, organizationally speaking. It’s a mess. And I knew my mom being in the area meant there was a small chance she’d be coming in, so I devoted some time before she came into town to cleaning up. I did make a noticeable difference, but it wasn’t so drastic that I felt good about it when my mom said she was gonna need to come in and pee. Fortunately, I can at least blame some of it on not having much room for some of the things of Paul’s that are still in boxes.

The goal is to continue cleaning so that we feel comfortable inviting people over, at which point we’d like to at least have Paul’s siblings over on occasion before Julie and her boyfriend move to Erie. I figure it’s an easy, cheap/free way to get them out of the house and doing something, and they can hang out with each other for a bit. Although if we do it, I do envision there being a point where his mom complains that the siblings all gather here but not his parents, or that the siblings see us a lot in general but his parents don’t. Both our therapists have discussed setting boundaries, and I think that’s harder for Paul than it is for me. He feels guilty about not wanting to see his parents much; I don’t.

I’m grateful that my mom doesn’t say much to me about the state of the apartment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if my brother and dad heard all about it when she got home. My one saving grace is that she has seen it cleaner.

But shopping went well and much more smoothly than I expected. We only spent 45 minutes in the store, and my mom tried on just about every dress in the color she needed in her size and easily ruled out ones she didn’t like and picked out favorites. Funnily enough, she ended up going with the very first one she tried, which was also my favorite. It fit her really well, and it’s a really pretty dress.

We also drove out to the South Hills for a little more shopping, and I only came back with some socks, tights, and some Sephora purchases. I’m trying to not go too crazy with shopping, what with planning a wedding and all.


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