Aren’t spring colds great?

Paul got one from his tai chi teacher, most likely, then passed it to me. I wasn’t feeling too great last Wednesday and thought I’d call off maybe Thursday or Friday to give myself a day, and then I ended up sleeping like shit Wednesday night–I woke up hourly starting at midnight until the time our alarm goes off. So when it did, Paul got up and got ready for work and I called off, took a Benadryl, and went back to sleep until about 1 in the afternoon.

But man, did I feel a lot better!

I mentioned that I’ve started to do theater reviews, and my very first one was set for Thursday night. I felt kind of bad calling off then going to a play that evening, but there was such a drastic improvement in how I felt that I couldn’t feel too bad. I mean, it was the difference between being tired and congested versus well-rested and slightly less congested.

The play, White Rabbit Red Rabbit, was really cool. I highly recommend seeing it, but don’t read much about it beforehand. It ruins the fun and surprise. I found a review from when Nathan Lane did it that had this amazing opening line, but it ruined way too much of the plot and themes. At least I read that after I saw it.

We weren’t out too late, but I had trouble falling asleep when we did get in–sleeping an extra eight hours will do that to you. I think it caused a regression, because I felt slightly worse the next day and I’ve kind of been fluctuating ever since. I went into work just fine Friday and Saturday with just some sniffles and feeling a little run-down, but I spent my day off yesterday with sinus pain under my right eye and in my jaw. That was significantly better today, but I still have pain around my jaw and ear. I was afraid going to work and especially wearing big headphones would just make it worse, so after some deliberation, I called off again, took a Benadryl again, and slept in again, this time only until about 11.

I’m hoping this is out of my system by the weekend–I’d told a professor I’m interested in reading at alumni night at my alma mater, and I’m concerned doing that might end up being a terrible idea. Apprehension about doing it isn’t helping, either. Some of the others reading are featured in an alumni anthology the school released, and I’ve convinced myself that they’re all gonna be way better and I am not worthy of reading among them. Currently, my plan isn’t to bail entirely but to read something really, really short. It’s a piece I actually feel really good about, but it’s also so short that if I’m still congested and feeling shitty, I’ll be up there reading only for a few minutes.

Speaking of feeling unworthy and general writers’ anxiety, I was convinced that my review of White Rabbit Red Rabbit was gonna suck. The very first piece for a new publication/editor is tough. When I was trying to explain the feeling to Terra the other night, I likened it to the first day of a college class with a professor you’ve never had before–you don’t know what they expect of you, you don’t know how they grade, you don’t know how tough they are. At first, I thought, “Oh, my God, who the fuck do I think I am, reviewing a play? I’m nowhere near qualified to do this,” despite the fact that the editorial staff clearly felt otherwise, or they wouldn’t have taken me on. Despite the fact I usually see a couple show a year. Despite the fact that I’ve been in shows and took an acting class as an elective in college. I also picked a doozy of a play to start off with–a one-man interactive play that really deserves to be kept spoiler-free.

I was also convinced that my editor would want extensive changes, which is how I’ve felt every time I’ve started writing for someone new. And it has yet to happen. In fact, this time around, he said he loved my review and that I did a great job, and all he asked for was a little more discussion of the actor’s performance.

Validation accepted.

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