Friday Five: The Middle

  1. What’s something you’re in the middle of? Looking for a new job, trying to build up my writing career even more, planning a wedding.
  2. What’s in the middle of you? A banana and some blood-orange beer. Organs. A mad case of Imposter Syndrome, with a side of wedding-related frustration with my future mother-in-law and a little anxiety, but that’s unrelated.
  3. What is your residence in the middle of? Downtown Washington, PA. My building is kind of between other buildings, plus it has a main road on one side with a little courtyard on the other. The complex itself is made up of a bunch of little buildings, and the property is situated on a corner. So there’s a Methodist church on one end and a Catholic church on the other.
  4. What’s a great food that features something in its middle? Basically anything with cheese in it. Or, like, tacos or filled crepes. I’m also a big fan of stuffed peppers, which I eat just about weekly.
  5. What’s the nearest you’ve been to the middle of nowhere? Brandon’s fiancee’s parents live in the depths of our home county, where you start to wander away from the main roads and chain restaurants into farms and woods. But the truest middle-of-nowhere isolation I’ve felt is probably up at camp with Terra, in Cook’s Forest. No cell service unless you go into town, and I use that word loosely. The grocery store is a family-owned general store that’s basically just a big room that sells the basics.

As always–and as I always forget to mention–this comes from Friday 5.

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