While I was still getting over my cold, Paul and I made a trip out to the history/art museum. They’re having a special dinosaur exhibit until May, and while he’d never be like, “Oh, we have to go!” I knew he wouldn’t object if I suggested it. I was right.

I’d wanted to have breakfast at the crepe place in Oakland, then go to the museum when they opened at noon, but Paul was really hungry and concerned crepes weren’t gonna be filling, plus the line was long. So we went to a bagel place instead, which was good but kind of a letdown when I had my heart set on crepes.

Paul actually wanted to go over to the museum early, which I thought was unnecessary, and then he teased me about it when we ended up having to stand in a short line to get in.

The museum is fun, but at least for me, it’s not too exciting to go if there’s not a special exhibit–it’s just the same ol’ stuff. But the temporary exhibits were pretty neat, and we did have a good time. I was pretty worn out just by going through the history section, but Paul wanted to tackle the art section, too, although I know we didn’t see all of it. It’s a lot to do in one trip.

In the meantime, I took a couple sick days, recovered, and worked.

Last Friday was my college’s annual alumni night as part of their writer’s festival, and I always like to go because they usually get a good crop of well-known alumni writers. This time, it was also a night of readings from senior capstone students, who now get their own little chapbooks that they sell as part of the festival, which is a really cool thing I wish would’ve been around when I was there. But I’m glad to see the program is able to do things like that, especially if Paul’s sister Emily ends up going and majoring in writing.

I’d told my professor I was interested in possibly reading, but then I found out it was also a book launch for an alumni anthology that I was not part of on account of, you know, barely publishing anything. So basically, I freaked out, feeling like I had no place reading with this group of people and like I wasn’t good enough, basically.

Alumni readings tend to be informal. I scrapped my original piece I was gonna read in favor of something much shorter, in part because I still had the sniffles, and went with something much shorter but also stronger, in my opinion. Honestly, I wasn’t really set on reading. I was fully prepared to sort of bail. But Paul wasn’t having it, and of course my professor asked me to read, and in the end I was essentially volunteered and put on the list. It was nice to have the push, but it was still terrifying to actually get up and do it. Yet it’s also cool to put myself out there like that.

The reading went well. Everyone else, at least, was super talented, and even though I had to work the next morning, we went out for the usual drink at Headkeepers. Last time we went, we hung out and talked to other writers for quite a while, but our deal this time was one drink and then we go. But it was still cool and fun to do, and one of the other writers told me my piece was “pretty fucked up,” which is true–it was about a high-school teacher of mine sending sexual messages to girls after graduation. So I took his comment as a compliment, and it launched into a good but sad conversation about things like inappropriate student/teacher relationships in the news at a nearby high school, as well as the famous Penn State scandal.

So all things considered, terror and feelings of inferiority aside, it went well and I’m glad I did it.


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