Saturday 9: Best Day of My Life

Saturday 9: Best Day of My Life (2013)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) This song begins by mentioning clouds. Do you see clouds in the sky this fine Saturday? Yes, and it was actually a pretty cloudy day in general. It’s been drizzling for the last couple hours.

2) Lead singer Zac Barnett sings that “Everything is looking up.” What are you looking forward to today? Well, now that my work day is over and it was my last Saturday on weekend rotation, I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend. I have three weeks of vacation time to use by the end of the year, so I took Monday and Tuesday off and gave myself a three-day weekend.

3) 2016 is not yet half over, but what’s been your best day so far this year? It has to be New Year’s, doesn’t it? That’s when Paul proposed.

4) The members of the group, American Authors, met in college. When is the last time you heard from a school chum? Do you know them from grammar school, high school or college? My best friend is a friend from high-school, and I’m still friends with Sarah and Stephanie from middle school, though we don’t get together or talk too often. My Facebook friends are a lot of friends that go back a bit, even if we’re not in regular contact.

5) One of the all-time best-selling American authors is romance writer Danielle Steele. She’s been writing for more than 40 years and has sold more than 800 million books. Have you read any of her work? I read some romance novel once that I found, like, lying abandoned in a middle-school classroom that might’ve been hers, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t. In which case, no.

6) Have you ever dreamed of being an author? Ever since I was a kid!

7) Do you have an e-reader? Nope. I prefer physical books, but I’m not interested in arguing about which is better. It’s pointless. Just read!

8) American Authors rang in 2016 in Chicago, giving an outdoor concert on New Year’s Eve on a stage not far from Lake Michigan. There are 5 Great Lakes in all,including Lake Michigan. Without looking it up, name the other 4. Lake Erie and Lake Superior are all I can do, but I did ask Paul about the other two!

9) Random question: You see photos on Facebook of a dinner party hosted by a friend. You recognize most of the attendees, yet you weren’t invited. How do you feel? Left out and angry? Do you wonder what you may have done to offend your friend? Or do you just forget about it and move on? Depends on the friends, because if it’s people I don’t see too often, no. But this is a large part of what led to my falling out a couple years ago now with my best friends at the time, which is chronicled pretty extensively across this blog. But in short, someone took issue with some things I’d said, never brought it to my attention, spent the next year being really mean to me, basically, ultimately leading to a graduation party that was essentially kept a secret from me until I found out about it on social media. It did some damage and my friendships with the bulk of the group never recovered, in part because I chose to distance myself from what I truly felt–and still do feel–had become a toxic environment.


2 thoughts on “Saturday 9: Best Day of My Life

    1. After! It was New Year’s Day in the morning, on a pit stop to the mountains before we met up with my parents for our annual New Year’s casino trip.

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