It’s just my luck that when I actually win tickets to a Pirate game at work, it ends up being on a day they’re calling for thunderstorms.

So I kept checking the weather, hoping things would change, and I kept checking the team’s Twitter, hoping that if they decided to delay or even cancel, they’d announce it early enough that we wouldn’t be, like, on our way into the city. Although I figured if that did happen, we’d just make a dinner date of it.

We went to church earlier than usual–we got to church now, in case I never mentioned it–came back, changed clothes real quick, then got it in the car. We decided to take the subway from the South Hills because of traffic. They close some streets down around PNC Park on game days, plus the parkway would have the usual event congestion, plus the Pittsburgh Marathon was the same weekend, so we figured our lives would be significantly less stressful to spend a little more time (and money, depending on where we would’ve parked) by taking the T.

Seriously, though, the T is so easy. I have an app that helps plan trips so I know just when to catch it, and it takes the guesswork and advance planning out of working around traffic and construction and even weather sometimes. Outside of instances like having a tight window to catch it after work, I’m not really late for things in the city anymore. And you don’t have those rare but really frustrating cases of parking garages being full.

We actually got to South Hills Village quicker than usual, so we managed to catch the T earlier than planned, which was pretty awesome.

The weather was still dicey as we came into the city. We had a little bit of drizzle. But by some miracle, it all cleared up and we ended up with sunshine for the few hours the game lasted. I heard more than one person end up complaining about the clothes they’d worn, saying they’d thought it was going to be colder and rainier. I even ended up with minor sunburn because I hadn’t even considered the sun as an option.

It was a fun game. Started kind of slow, but it got more exciting when we started getting some runs. It ended up tied and going into extra innings, when we ended up losing–just in time for the rain to roll back in. We were hungry and walked down to Grille 36 to eat, and we made it in there just before a storm started. We stuffed ourselves and by the time we left, the weather had cleared up again.

From there, it was back to the T, then some grocery shopping. We were pretty much beat, so we went to bed not long after we got in. Paul spent part of the morning texting me about how he’s still tired, while I took today and tomorrow off because I can, pretty much, and slept until 10. Oops.


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