Friday 5: How Did You Learn That?

  1. How did you learn to throw a ball? I would argue that I still don’t actually know how to do it. But I don’t remember. Probably a parent or grandparent or aunt or uncle initially, and then in school, of course, it was a gym-class staple.
  2. How did you learn to drive? My parents taught me, which was a nightmare. My mom was a little melodramatic about me being, well, a new driver, and she made some jokes about it in front of my grandma that upset me and put me off driving for a while. On top of that, my dad was deployed to Iraq when I was first learning, so she was the only person I had to teach me and be in the car with me. When I did feel like doing it again, it was a hassle to actually get time behind the wheel because with my dad gone and my mom handling everything, there just wasn’t really time to either go practice or to let me drive somewhere, since we were usually in a hurry and my mom didn’t want me speeding, of course. When my dad did come back, he was also a terrible teacher, mostly because he’d sit there in the passenger seat and make hand motions when he wanted me to do something, which is the least helpful thing ever because I can’t look at your fucking hands when I have to watch the road, Dad. He was also a fan of taking me on random back roads, which in itself was okay, but then I didn’t know where I was and he gives terrible directions that everyone in my family hates. It’s less direction and more unhelpful “choose your own adventure” suggestions. My mom and I especially hate it because we usually prefer taking the fastest or most direct route and he’s just sitting there like, “You can go any way you want,” but I digress. And that’s why I didn’t get my license until I was 18.
  3. How did you learn to swim? Mostly with Nolan and Meri at a family friend’s pool when we were kids, with the occasional assist from my parents out like at public pools, but that was rare.
  4. What is the most recent thing you learned how to do from an online tutorial? I don’t know! It probably doesn’t count, but some cooking stuff. Like how to make zucchini noodles, which is really easy, but getting the excess water out is a crucial step.
  5. How did you learn most of your social etiquette? Through my parents leading by example, mostly, especially my mom. Table manners came from my dad, though–he’s a stickler for it like his mom was.

From Friday 5.

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