We celebrated Sarah’s graduation from nursing school on Saturday, which was a good time. Of course, she wasn’t at her own party when we got there and we were greeted by her family, but hey. We hung out, we ate, she eventually came, followed eventually by Steph and Garrett and Marissa.

It was nice to hang out, even though it was a shitty day.

And we had some talks. Marissa said she’s always wanted to apologize to me for the way things happened a few years ago–and it’s strange to say that that’s been “a few years ago” now–and I returned the sentiment. One of the reasons I chose to leave that group of friends was because I had turned into the kind of person who sits back and just laughs while her friends are being torn down, and I hated it. I was on a path to becoming someone I hated, and I had to stop it.

I didn’t need to hear that from her, but it was nice regardless.

And I’ll say this, too–I feel vindicated. I’m not gonna broadcast anyone else’s shit and I’m certainly not happy about these things, but there’s something to be said for being right about a person.

But all in all, we had a good time, and as always, it was nice to see everyone. We went to my parents’ for a bit and did some laundry for free and hung out and Duke harassed me to pet him and scratch his chest, then we headed back out to the afterparty at Sarah’s house. I’d considered spending the night, but there was a possibility of a shopping trip Sunday with Julie and Katie, so I figured home was best.

The shopping trip didn’t actually happen, but Julie and Michael did get bored and want to come hang out. Paul and I skipped church to do it to, ha. We did make a trip out to South Hills to get some Lush stuff for Emily as a graduation gift, then went to dinner and talked for a good while. A lot like we did the last time they decided to come out spur of the moment.

We did some apartment cleaning while they were on the road hoping to get enough done to make it presentable for other humans, and while we didn’t succeed to a point that I feel comfortable inviting them in, we made progress. If we focus and prioritize a little more, we’ll get there, and we’ll have people over all the time! Probably not.

It’s gonna be a busy few weeks–a wedding and some graduation parties. But at least it’s all good things.

We’ll probably handle it by spending our first free weekend inside for two days.


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