One Wedding Down, Two to Go

I’m so sleepy.

My cousin Adam got married on Saturday!

I honestly expected all of us getting engaged and married would be weirder than it actually is. Maybe I’m just getting used to it, but it didn’t have the sort of surreal feel I expected it to. But it was a nice ceremony done by Fr. Bob, who I love and actually spoke to a little bit about the possibility of getting him for our wedding next year. I’m not a wedding crier at all, but seeing other people cry gets me, so seeing Ashley start getting emotional got me. And my mom cried, of course, as did my aunt and uncle. The one that surprised me was my Uncle Vince, though.

What sucks is that after a string of warm, pretty typical May weather, the one day of the week that got cold and rainy was that one. I hear rain on your wedding day is good luck, though, and it didn’t interfere much–it was just a little chilly during the outdoor dinner, but my mom warned me in advance and I was armed with a change of shoes and a change of tights.

The whole thing was so much fun. I was seated with some of the cousins for dinner, and we were all drinking and laughing and having a good time. And then everyone pretty much drank and danced all night. It was nice to have some friends there, too, like Stephanie and Sarah since we don’t see too much of each other, so I tried to find a good balance of hanging out with the friends and spending a little time with the family, too. Of course, the usual suspects were all on the dance floor together, too. Even Paul danced, and he wasn’t even drunk.

It’s the first of three weddings we have this year, and then of course our own next year–my brother’s is next in August, and then Paul’s younger brother follows in October. It’s gonna be good times.

We stayed until pretty much the end–my parents left a little bit before the DJ ended for the night, and we stayed a little longer. I’m glad we did, too, because we got in a couple more good rounds of dancing and mass sing-a-longs before spending a few minutes with whoever was left down at the fire pit, then we headed back to my parents’ to crash.

We slept on the couches, and I should’ve taken the pull-out bed in the sun room because I slept like shit. There’s a chance the sun room wouldn’t have changed that, but it would’ve been worth a try. I ended up only getting a few hours of sleep. In the morning, my dad made us breakfast, I did my usual free laundry, and we ended up hanging around a little longer than I’d wanted. We dropped off some recycling, picked up some groceries, and I forgot about the National Road festival on our usual route home, so it took us an hour and a half to get there. By that time, it was getting close to a scheduled dinner for Marissa’s graduation at our beloved Hofbrauhaus, and I ended up with just enough time to slap some makeup on my face and go.

Dinner was a lot of fun, too, with a big group of us eating and drinking and about half of us hanging out for the second time that weekend, since so many of us were at the wedding, which also means there were some slight hangovers. But we had a good time. I’ve forgotten how funny Marissa is when she drinks. It was fun to see everyone again, especially in such a short time span between last week and this week.

Paul, Stephanie, and I only stayed for dinner, while the rest did more of a bar crawl I wish I could’ve gone to, but alas, work beckons.

And since I got to bed a little late, I spent most of my work day nearly dozing off. I’m really surprised if no one actually noticed me doing it. I feel like my eyes were fluttering weirdly for the bulk of the day. Like, I had to look real fucked up or something.

I only just realized when I sat and thought about it that things are going to be chaos for about the next month–now that the wedding’s done, we still have his sister’s high-school graduation and her party, one of my younger cousins’ graduation parties the following week, then we’re running off to State College for a long weekend, the week after we get back will be Kelly’s bridal shower, and then days after that will be my birthday, and at some point in the following weeks, we might be going camping with Julie and Michael.

Oh, and I have my heart set on a food-truck festival at the casino Sunday.


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